New Mutt Mastiff 125 is the Dogs Bo****cks

Small engined motorcycle manufacturer Mutt Motorcycles have just released their new mini beast; Mutt Mastiff 125 and it really does look like the dog’s bollocks…yes it does!

Priced at £3495 in the UK, this big little 125cc sure packs an affordable punch and with it’s custom brat styling, it will surely turn heads of all ages, persuasions and experience levels too.

This new ‘King of the Mutts’ is an expanded and matured version of other models featuring;

17 litre Petrol Tank – Monza Fuel Cap with black and silver colour scheme.

Black 18” spoked wheels and knobbly tyres.

Finer point details – CNC machined, headlight brackets, LED indicators, fork caps and head stem. Brushed alloy mudguards, working and functional headlight grill, with the stainless steel mini-speedometer.

Sounds comes courtesy of a stainless steel exhaust and tough underbelly aluminium sump guard too.

It looks rugged and suited for the streets and some flat dirt trails too, which I whole heartedly approve of too.


Photo from Mutt Motorcycles

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