What is up with Harley Davidson motorcycle warranty?

So after my recent decision to buy a HD Spirt Glide, I then entered the wonderful and mysterious world of the Harley warranty program…and it’s a little confusing now with the new bikes.

The dealers still offer the 2 year warranty on parts and labour on the initial purchased bike and if modifications were made with their products, then the warranty extends to the modifications too.

However if the modification were made after the purchase and even with the first 60days then the labour isn’t covered to rectify any issues as they class this as ‘over the counter parts’ regardless if the dealer actually did the work or not.

Now the dealer also offer a service plan too which is essentially a saving scheme so you can build up a lot of cash to pay for you servicing which is in the region of £350 each time although the dealers do give you a £50 voucher for the first 3 services which are at 1000, 5000 & 10000 miles.

Now the other big issue now with any stage one modification is that the HD branded screaming eagle tuner is not available anymore so even if you want to do a stage one upgrade with Harley parts, you will need to do this with an after market tuner which strictly speaking isn’t allowed and will not be under warranty agreement. But here’s the confusing bit, Harley apparently say that’s ok if it’s being undertaken by a Harley dealership but as far as I know nothing is written to clarify that so it’s still a grey area.

Obviously there would have to be proof that the tuner used somehow caused problems within the engine within the warranty period, but you might find you have a fight on your hands, so probably best advice whether upgrading to a stage one either on initial purchase or post sales is to get clarification that all works and parts will still be covered, otherwise it might just be worth waiting until this grey area is resolved or you go past your warranty period anyway

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