Are Harley Davidson motorcycles only for old men?

I often wonder where and how reputations are earned and whether that are indeed justified.

Harley Davidson motorcycles had attracted gears, sneers and cheers in equal measure over the years, but a common perception is that they are best suited to old men who don’t want to rise fast anymore and who have mobility issues.

Well, I still like to ride at speed from time to time but Let’s face it, most of us rarely go drastically over any speed limit for long periods of time. So although the American. Rand is not associated with speed and handling in the bends, they are still fast enough to get you into mischief.

As for suited to the less mobile, well yes they are usually lower seated which helps getting your leg over the saddle too and generally speaking the rising ergonomics are for comfort rather than in racing prone position.

I suppose I am at an age where I want a different road rising experience, perhaps I am getting old and less mobile, I shall not not be pigeon holed into the old man riding Harleys pocket.

As I make my final decision on my next bike it is looking more likely to be the American brand and just a select few models have gained my attention.

Will I still go fast? Perhaps! Will I be less mobile? I should hope not! Will I be a walking banner ad for HD? Not on your nelly!

So watch out in the coming weeks for more reports and videos on how my entrance into the Harley riding world goes…this could be interesting!

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