Best Motorcycle 2019 – The Motorbike Shootout

Industry press has a long history of telling us motorcycle consumers which is the best bike of the season or best to do a certain activity but the truth is more subjective than most would like to imagine.

I could ride every single 2019 motorcycle model and come to my own conclusions which is the best bike…for me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be so for you or the next person who would entertain the same question.

I test ride my fair share of motorcycles; some of which I make official reviews and others which I just do for my own interest, but hardly is there ever a time which I would think that one particular bike is the very best over the rest.

So let’s look at a few models in different loose categories:


Adventure: Moto Guzzi V85TT – 850cc – 79bhp £11K

When I first saw this bike last year I was immediately smitten and mostly because for the ungainly looks but it certainly is very capable. In fact it was my best in show at Motorcycle Live 2018…but that doesn’t make it the ‘best’ and certainly not the most technologically advanced compared to the BMW, Triumph, KTM. Even the very capable Suzuki and Kawasaki adventure variants would possibly surpass it, but it’s different from the pack…which I like.

Ducati Panigale V4 S/R/Speciale – This again was right at the top of my list for the 2919 sports bikes but it also shares too spot with the Norton V4 RR. Both are nearing aesthetic perfection and their performance and handling is mind boggling too with ergonomics that just gel with the rider.

Harley Davidson Sport Glide – the new Softail range from the American manufacturer has come in for some criticism and mixed reviews but there is no doubting the Milwaukee 8 engine in the chassis works on many different levels and out of the box looks are not too shabby either. Out of all of the range the one that caught my eye and was most likely for me to open my wallet was the Sport Glide. It’s stylish and adaptable to different types of rides but as with most Harleys it’s never far from being customised. Sone black 14in mini apes and stage one with shotgun pipes would make this rolling perfection.

Yamaha still get a right thumbs up in the off road world with their dirt bikes and there are a few to mention of equal standing depending on the terrain you favour. WR250F & WR450F 4 stroke champions for sublime performance both on and off the dirt trails and for the muddy pups on the track, the 2 stroke YZ250 or 4 stroke YZ250F eek ahead of the YZ450F.

Triumph still seem to have mastered the street machines for the hipsters with their Bonneville range especially with the Street Cup, Bobber and Street Scrambler

As for the Electric market, well Harley Davidson’s long awaited Livewire does look amazing but the cream of the crop for 2019 would have to go to Zero Motorcycles and the Zero SR/F and FX bikes which are leading the market potential with their innovation and production.

Every rider…and even non rider in the work will probably tell you which is the best bike, but opinions are just too plentiful to be credible. The best bike will be the one that you the consumer finds pleasing to the eye and performs as you would wish it to on whatever terrain you’re riding on and the length of journey too.

It is purely a subject thing but if you get the chance to test ride some of the bikes above you may be pleasantly surprised…or not.

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