Max Biaggi To Set Electric Records

Electric bikes are evolving with quantum leaps every year. Most major brands have developed or are developing electric motorcycles and scooters that will map out the future prosperity of the respective companies, but it is in the racing environment where the electric bikes are the greatest shining light.

Former 6 time world motorcycling champion and Italian maestro: Max Biaggi has teamed up with Monaco based electric outfit: Voxan Motors to set a new land speed record which will be attempted in August 2020 and programmed for the Uyuni Salt flats in Bolivia.

They already have a rich pedigree in the electric vehicle and racing world and this motorcycle adventure is aimed to break the 330kmh or 205.1mph standard. Biaggi has been measured for ergonomic designing and they are aiming to create a bike that will break the current record set by Jim Hoogerhyde on a Lightning SB220 at a speed of 327.608kmh or 203.6mph.

Many a motorcycle enthusiast are now looking more closely at the electric alternative and whilst overall speed records are set to be broken, it is still the endurance, range and recharging times which will govern the future market potential to match consumer demands.

At this year’s IOM TT, new records were set again in the SES TT Zero Race in which Michael Rutter claimed his 7th TT title with an astounding single lap of the TT course measured at 121.91mph whilst riding the Mugen.

Things can only get better for the electric bikes and they are leading the pack in technological advances. Biaggi and Voxan Motors have a big challenge ahead of them but there is an air of optimism that this feat is well within their grasp.

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