Arc Vector Goes into Production?

If any of you have been to a large scale motorcycle show over the last year or so you may have come across the British electric motorcycle company that is set to start producing limited numbers of its super dooper ARC Vector bike.

It had been marketed at around £90k or $114K and the company was looking to crowd funding to kick start its production process.

Whilst the design is ultra futuristic and if the design ambitions materialise into realised usability, then ARC will have one hell of bike to enter the market.

The big stumbling block will be of course; range, endurance and recharge times as well of course the price tag for the average rider, or should I say the average millionaire.

Whilst the lines are an assault on the senses and the VR demo was more akin to TRON than your daily commute, it was yet another peek into the future which is at least something to look forward to.

Will it be my choice of ride? Not as that price tag? Would it be my choice if I were loaded with more money than sense? I would have to wait until I saw it in the flesh and ride it for myself.

That is the issue with concept bikes. They can look amazing and the blurb can be very seductive but most people know that any completion new bike needs time and road miles to unearth the fault and for the manufacturers to solve any issues with it.

I would imagine this will be no different, but I must say I am really looking forward to seeing a fully working production model of the future but perhaps my hips may be too old and brittle to give it a damn good thrashing by the time it is ready for me to do so.

I hope to be wrong and wish ARC the very best with their innovative Vector motorcycle.

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