Handheld Microphones and Dead Cats!

Over the last couple of years I have constantly refined my audio recording prowess for my videos and podcasts. I have lapel microphones with fluffy covers to stop wind noise…more often referred to a ‘dead cats’, because they look like road kill.

I even have the state of the art condenser microphone…well it probably was when I bought it a decade ago. Ah yes, my trusty Samson C…something or other which I have recently started to employ for my amazingly thought provoking and entertaining podcasts.

However, whilst I thought I had the old recording bit sorted, whether on the slow or fast move…or static within the confines of my home recording studio…my shed…I realised that doing OBs might be a bit problematic.

OBs…are what people in showbiz call Outside Broadcasts…and now that I am just about to launch myself headfirst into interviewing random people that I have carefully selected to bring more value to my youtube content…I realised that I needed a special kind of sound recording gizmo which I could hold and look almost professional whilst doing so…oh, and yes would record my voice and that of the person whom I would be interviewing.

So I have opted for the wired handheld microphone and after searching around the internet and reading endless reviews for all of about 5 mins, I eventually took my friend’s advice and picked one that I hoped would do the job.

It has a foam cover blob thing on the recording end. It’s black, which is my favourite colour. It’s wired and will connect to any smart phone and or camera that I use…well I sure hope it does anyway. Wired I think is better because the signal to be recorded should be better quality but that doesn’t help if you have a voice like a strangled donkey.

And by all the reviews I have read (5mins worth), this hand held microphone actually does a pretty good job and what I like most is that it doesn’t break the bank either.

So as I await for it to arrive today I am starting to dream about all of the recordings of very influential people who will grace my channel. Like Mr Singh who owns my local corner shop and Mrs Jacobs who pretends to clean my house once a week…and not forgetting Miss Delilah who was once a Bulgarian exchange student but who now resides in the flat above mine with seemingly no means of supporting herself as she has no job…but at least she has lots of male friends who visit her daily to cheer her up.

Anyway before I release my unboxing video of said microphone, I thought I would share the link with you where I got it and as I am an Amazonian associate thingy, if you click it, then I might also get a small commish too which will help support me in my old age…and also help to finance my weekly trips to see poor Delilah in the flat upstairs who is still a bit sad for not having a job and being in the wrong end of Brexit.

Thank you Revelators!

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