The Motorcycle Crash Season Starts

One of the big issues of spring time riding is the number of new bikes that flood onto the roads as the weather improves and the sudden surge in motorcycle crashes with all of the associated injuries and fatalities.

It happens every year without fail to varying degrees and is not limited to a single geographic location. It happens all over the UK and quite logically happens anywhere in the world where there are seasonal weather variations too.

The problem is to do with recent riding proficiency and an over enthusiastic nature to make best use of the new riding season. Riding hazards are ever present, but the rider’s failure to recognise them as potential threat or developing ones in one of the key areas that needs to be addressed.

Other vehicles on the roads are also at fault as they have not had so many motorcycles on the roads too. So drivers are unaccustomed to actively searching out for riders, however riders are not making allowances for this temporary shortcoming either.

It’s very attractive to get the bike out of the garage and start riding regularly again but all riders need to recognise that their skills are rusty and their awareness needs to be brushed up before they take those extra strides on the road.

Motorcycle safety comes in many forms and whilst protection clothing and equipment has undoubted benefits, the great weapon in a rider’s arsenal is the awareness to avoid the crash in the first instance and to recognise those situations where a hazard might present itself.

Especially in the early days of spring riding, if all riders took extras steps to give themselves more time and space on the roads and between themselves and other traffic, not have an over reliance on protective clothing and equipment to keep them safe and simply toned down their exuberance slightly and raise their hazard perception game, then the likelihood is that the risk of having a motorcycle crash dramatically reduces to near zero.

I have placed many rider awareness, safety articles and motorcycle accident scenarios on the Resources page of this website. Feel free to download them for free and get ready for a riding season full of fun and adventure but also safe at the same time.



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