Getting Your Ducks In A Row!

For the tiny minority, success comes without endeavour and merely any effort, however for the overwhelming majority of people who forge ahead with a goal to succeed, their paths are hindered by obstacles that must be overcome and there is a relentless quest to apply effort at the simplest of tasks and also to those more troublesome.

It is easy to look upon someone else who has wealth, a nice car or house and just consider them to be rich, but seldom do people wonder what have they done to achieve such status and more importantly what they do to maintain it too.

Of course success is measured in many different ways and its form maybe universal or subjective but hidden behind each and every status is the secrets which you do not see.

You do not see the sleepless nights pondering the next move or the late sessions into the early hours trying to finish a project. You do not see the risk taken to take a leap of faith…to lay it all on the line for a chance of a better tomorrow. You shy away to acknowledge the puzzle solvers and the problem grinders, the go getters and the relentless work ethic.

You and I do not see these things because we are not those people. We only see status and wealth but not what is behind the curtain. We turn our noses up at legacies and look down upon those who have never broken a sweat to earn a crust. We sneer at those who were born into privilege and barely raise a finger to improve their position and live upon the long purse strings of distant parents.

Whatever we gauge success to be, there is one truth that no one can deny. If success be self made then orchestras shall find fine tune and the naysayers shall at least nod in approval of method if not of reason.

Those who are striving for a higher altar will be frustrated at times by lack of movement but they can take inspiration by those who have dared to tread the similar path. They will know they are not alone, even when they feel isolated and misunderstood by all who surround.

If you set yourself upon a journey, then you are an island and only you are responsible for your mileage gained. You gather our influences and study methodology. Take heart from others who have fallen but who arose once more…and learn to listen to your own internal timepiece and orator.

When you take your solitary ride out into the dark night, you are at the controls. Your hands are on the grips and your feet on the pegs. It might be hard to see the end of the road or visualise arriving at the destination but the journey is there to be had. Have purpose, show endeavour and organise your ducks in a row…for tomorrow could be yours and for others to look upon you with envious eyes.



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