The humans have lost their humanity!

If we are to believe that which is fed us through main stream media or our ambling through online social sources, you might wonder if the human race has forgotten what it’s like to be human!

I’m not talking about wars in far off lands or genocide at the hands of some ravenous war lord. Nor am I talking about the crimes that are committed on a daily basis by all ages, genders and persuasions.

I am talking about the fundamentals of basic humanity that seems to be seeping from our very beings. Perhaps it’s the PlayStation zombies or the Netflix generation that have lost touch with what reality should be.

Like many people I occupy a very small corner of social media in all of its guises. I create content at my leisure and like to share that which I find interesting…hopefully there are others in the 7 kingdoms that share the same interests too.

However, whilst I rarely idly lose myself in social media chatter, I do find it incredibly alarming and frustrating that total strangers can feel the need to be abusive, gruff or just show a distinct lack of respect and taste. Moreover this is purely and simply about manners, or the lack thereof.

Perhaps people don’t think this it is important in today’s society. Maybe the new generations played truant from home schooled ideologies of respect for your elders, manners costing nothing and courtesy as thy countenance? Or possibly the parental teachers went on strike and that industrial action has lasted for a generation.

There is something fundamentally wrong with any society that allows people to just not give a damn or who believe the rules don’t apply to them. Even if they do, they’ll ignore them and will unlikely suffer any consequences from a system that is too limp wristed to hold anyone to account.

Whether it’s the alarming everyday stabbings, house robberies, assaults, verbal assaults or that anyone can assume their opinion is the truth and yours has no value. The list is endless and the journey into the sewer is getting less trifling as each day passes.

As individuals, people can be amazing and equally horrid but as humanity…the people are an angry, disillusioned and act as an apathetic mob…

It will take great strength from the social elders to deliver us from this dark night but those within the corridors of power are usually more crooked than the rest and seldom act in the interests of the public at large and the greatest of goods.

Small pebbles rolling down the mountain side cause large landslides in time. We have had tumbling pebbles for too long and the ground beneath our feet is getting less sure and less routed upon strong foundations.

The future was once said to be bright but now it is pot luck whether the light will come on or blow a bulb.

Can this be fixed? Yes it can!

Is there a brighter future if we within society can pull ourselves together and start being excellent to each other again? Perhaps, but whatever we thought was going to be our tomorrow will never be realised if we do not address the tiny tumbles down the hillside.

We need to get our humanity back and society needs to get its house in order.

These are not doomsday prophecies…turn on the news and you’ll see where we are at, what we are eating and fundamentally what we are spewing as the new norm.

This could be reactionary to another stabbing and assault upon us that bleeds into our daily news feeds. We need an answer but alas I don’t have the first idea how to fix it either. We need people to stand firm and stick. Not fold at the first sight of trouble. Not be the fickle fan who would swap allegiance for a grass that it never truly greener.

We need men and women to stand up and be counted. To protect the right to be good, kind and righteous and stand together against the tyranny of bad grammar, poor spelling and social media syntax. We need to look at ourselves deeply…not merely press for another aimless selfie fit for the ubiquitous Instagram filter.

Our society is screaming out to us…to halt us in our tracks and change our ways. For our leaders and politicians to finally do the right thing and put aside their individual aspirations and empire building. To focus on what truly is that which ails this community of ours. No more short cuts, no more filters and no more abbreviated and vacuous strategies to catch the bolted horses. The people need policies, plump with substance and the willpower to see it through to the end. To suture the laceration and to make us whole again.

The burning question now is do we have the capacity to affect any change and do we even recognise that what needs fixing anymore? There are no shortcuts to doing a decent job and there are no bit links to mask the absolute path. We may cry, we might stare into oblivion or we may laugh out loud but we simply cannot ignore this 140 characters soundbite anymore.


“This was a party political broadcast by the ‘Socially Outraged Party’



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