The Biker Beauties and the Biking Beasts!

Nothing more than a few Hollywood movies or motorcycle magazines can skew your mind into thinking that all motorcycle events are littered with scantily clad biker chicks or leather embossed dominatrix, let alone you risky your own well being in the presence of big bad greasy bikers.

The reality is anything so hedonistic or as portrayed…well certainly in my experiences. That is not to say that occasionally the British motorcycle scene does not have its fair share of delicious delights to feast your eyes upon or that beards, tattoos and bulging biceps…and bellies to cause any impressionable soul to tremble at the knees…but suffice to say that almost all are dominated by normal everyday men and women, girls and boys or all ages…and usually wrapped up in multi layers of clothing to keep the British weather at bay.

It’s easy to have the wrong impression of what motorcycle rallies or parties are like in the UK, but one thing they are not is what might rarely be found across the pond in the USA or even in warmer climates around the world.

If you’ve ever been to large scale motorcycle events in the USA such as Daytona or Sturgis…you’ll soon come to realise that it tends to attract a lot of people who like to dress the part. There are many lovely looking ladies of all ages who quite candidly stroll around in nothing more than cut back chaps and bikini tops, whilst male counterparts are never far behind…or alongside…looking equally healthy or bulky.

These big events that attract a lot of photographers and videographers to take reels of B – Roll tend to show off the poles of the biking spectrum and the vast majority of normal looking bikers seem to be ignored.

Trade stands and beer houses employ the services of youthful and mature looking models, who are there to impress you with their charms and entice you to ogle and part with your cash too. It’s a win win situation for those who care to be in the race…but for the vast majority of attendees, wayward glances and advances are curtailed by loving partners strangle holds on male genitalia.

Once you move away from the big events and move to smaller ones then you’ll get a more balanced view of what motorcycle life can be, whether in the USA or anywhere else in the world.

The weather has a lot to do with it. The warmer it is the more likely bikers of both sexes will relieve themselves of clothing whilst they engage in party antics and libations. Whilst of course there are still to be found very attractive biker type folk, the numbers are usually a lot less and less in your face too.

Now contrast this with the UK biking scene and you’ll quickly note that it is a very different animal indeed. Motorcycling in the UK – generally does not tend to attract the more liberal minded…or exhibitionist types, both of men and women. The same rules apply when it comes to having a great times with friends and new acquaintances but usually the weather precludes stripping off to your underwear…certainly so whilst your sober.

Unless the event has some special reason to employ models posing as motorcycle enthusiastic biker chicks, most motorcycle events or rallies do not tend to attract the scantily clad eye candy that you might see in the movie or the magazines. In fact there was a motion a few years ago to cease using these motorcycle models at all and just get back to real motorcycle men and women who actually represent the motorcycle community. However, this has largely been ignored because nothing like sex or innuendo sells a product, attracts an audience or promotes a service or event. The old ways are still the best ways it seems, no matter how ridiculous it might appear.

Now, don’t misunderstand my leanings here. I welcome these beauties in all forms and if they are getting paid for a job well done, then as long as this is what they want to do to earn a living…I’m all for it. However, nobody will ever convince me that the eye candy or the biker beasts are representative of any motorcycle community that I’ve ever known.

Whenever I go to a large scale event, there are trade stand models who do their best to attract the male eye…but we all know that most of them wouldn’t know the difference between a Harley and a Honda…or even seem that interested in the biking world at all. It’s slightly amusing but doesn’t necessarily add to my enjoyment of the event itself so I sometimes wonder what’s the point.

I would much rather see and speak to engaged and interested working men and women…who are also easy on the eye but not absolutely necessary either. At least this facilitates a better connection between parties that all can appreciate.

Whenever I’ve been to motorcycle rallies or gatherings of bikers in the UK, of course there are lots of tough looking biker types who have serious expressions seared upon their faces, but I have never encountered an issue, thus far, at any event. In fact I would say that most people are either indifferent to your presence or lean towards the friendly end of the spectrum. You’ll only ever attract negativity if you yourself are doing something that would warrant it or you annoying people or the organisation therein.

The same can be said of the Hollywood biker chick types who fail to appear at any event that I’ve ever attended in over forty years of riding. Of course there are occasionally very attractive biker ladies and girls in attendance, but they are usually fully dressed and act…well…normal. No “Whoop Whoops” or ‘Look at me, Look at me’ types anywhere to be seen.

Even in the height of summer, there are seldom many who will ditch the black heavy metal T-shirt or vest for a strapless bra or bikini top. The overwhelming majority of female attendees of motorcycle events in the UK are just normal looking people…and perhaps that’s the way it should be.

The motorcycle world attracts lots of different people for both the right and the wrong reasons. Motorcycle events are no different. The bigger and more prestigious the event, the more likely it will attract motorcycling tourists and people of both genders who may wish to slum it with the biker people, rather than it being about a passion that they feel.

As spring fast approaches the UK and the motorcycle rally season is just starting, that are many events that are calling out for more people to attend. They are looking for the next generation bikers of all styles and persuasions to attend, both attractive and glamorous…as well as normal and standard. However, don’t go attending with the expectation that it will be wall to wall totty or the Sons of Anarchy revisited…it will look something almost similar but nothing ever so peaked, plump or bright.

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