Dropping Social Media For Good!

I have a Love/Hate relationship with all social media…well more like an enforced tolerance/Hate relationship with it…and has been that way for many years.

If you saw one of my recent videos, you would have heard me explain why I shall not be on any social media anymore but only be on them to have my YouTube videos auto shared to them via this blog.

I will occasionally check in with them for any messages but suffice to say that my time with them is at an end…or so it would seem for the foreseeable future. Why you ask? Well, let me explain.

I have always thought that I had spent way too much time on all social media, but in truth I pale into insignificance compared to others, and that I wasn’t really being creative enough or not dedicating as much time as I would like in being creative, either with my writing or with my YouTube channel…hence the decision.

Of course I’m sure I’ll succumb to an occasional tweet about football or something similar but I won’t be waiting around for the replies or aimlessly staring at my phone until I get a reply or any kind of engagement.

Now, don’t get me wrong, engagement is great and social media can be a great tool, but what I don’t like is the seemingly hours one can spend just staring at your own profile, timeline or newsfeed just hoping something would happen.

This for me is wasted time, so instead of doing that, I have centred may attentions on producing content whether written or otherwise…which was always my intention to do so in the first instance.

This is not to say that I do not want anyone to engage with my posts on Twitter or Facebook page etc nor follow me on those platforms, but suffice to say that my attention will be focussed on producing more content which will be shared at those locations where you can find it easily.

In truth I have always preferred to work within one medium at a time and the natural extension of that is to combine my creativity and community in one location. Hence why Youtube.com/revelatoralf is where you’ll be able to find my most and it is the one place that I will have a live feed from too. This website will function in the same way for my future written pieces too and the videos shared in blog posts. So either there or here is where you will find me…

I can feel the creative juices flowing already, just like Seinfeld’s George Costanza did when he gave up chasing the ladies and was able to learn Portuguese…if only for a few days. I hope to last longer than that.

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