Modifying…Accidents, Injuries & Treatment!

Modifying…Accidents, Injuries & Treatment!

Motorcycle accidents largely occur for similar reasons, however the contributing factors can be extensive. A rider may lose control under braking for example…but the interesting element is not the actual loss of control but rather why there was one and what were the factors leading up to that!

Anything that affects the performance of the rider…or driver will have a direct impact on how they act, react and make judgements and decisions!

E.g. If someone were to drink alcohol and then get on a bike and ride off into the sunset…depending on how much alcohol they have drunk and how that has been metabolised by the body etc will determine the level to which the rider performance will be affected.

In many ways attitudes towards drinking and driving/riding has changed in many parts of the world…but in other parts there is still an ongoing issue. This is not solely a driver’s negative contribution to road safety but many riders contribute also.

However, alcohol is not the only performance inhibitor that may lead to accidents…and one of the few underestimated inhibitors is tiredness and fatigue which may have an even greater influence.

When riders and drivers make errors and misjudgements, for whatever reasons, there may be consequences of those actions. These consequences are not only legal & financial, but may also affect other people’s lives.

How many times have you changed your behaviour because of something that has happened to you or something that you may have heard about?

“My friend was killed by a drunk driver…so I’ll never drink and drive again…!”

This is modifying behaviour, but anything you change because of something that you have learned may have a beneficial impact…just as modifying speeds or overtaking decisions or road positioning at junctions or bends or creating more space between you and other vehicles…etc!

When we take on board new information and modify our behaviour accordingly, then we have learned from the errors of ourselves and others.

As we extend this modifying approach to explaining why accidents occur and what elements were involved then we can also apply this to how injuries occur.

If we consider the dynamics involved during impacts; speeds, forces, angles of impact, collision object density and protective equipment and clothing, then we will know the factors involved and why injuries occur, when they occur and how best to minimise or avoid injuries.

This same modifying process is also applied to medical treatment in pre hospital & in hospital and during the subsequent recovery & rehabilitation therapies.

Medical intervention and treatment is constantly evolving…looking for best practice methods and best results in patients. Either through improving knowledge, techniques, equipment & technology!

E.g. A decade ago, if a rider sustained a traumatic leg injury with significant bone fractures, tissue and blood vessel damage…then there might be a higher probability that this would have resulted in an amputation of the limb…either as a direct result of the impact or due to medical intervention at the road side or in the hospital at a later stage.

However, in modern day accidents with improving pre hospital treatment by medical crews, more efficient clinical systems and practices, better protective equipment to a certain degree and improved in hospital interventions, technology and surgery and rehabilitation, then there is a greater probability that the limb might be saved or reattached…Of course that is not always possible, but the future awaits more modifications and improving results for us all.

Again, this modification theme continues through to post surgery and post hospital recovery and rehabilitation for both physical injuries and psychological & emotional disorders. 

Advances in therapies, methods and improving access will improve the recovery rate and recovery success…even having easier access to information at our fingertips with online specialist sources may assist anyone who is in need of attention.

When we as riders or drivers can modify our practices, we will alter our performance and affect our accident and injury probability, whilst knowing that medical interventions are modifying to provide improving care…or at least we hope so. 

Advances in treatment are usually born out of dealing with tragic circumstances, be those traumatic injuries from road accidents, industrial accidents, personal injuries and conflicts…and in many ways these fuel the advances.

It is not something I would encourage anyone to test, however if anyone should have an accident, then try to have one in the distant future but for now the best course of action would be to modify your own practices and encourage others to do the same.

Provide access to good information, solid resources, good initial and recurrent training and share experiences amongst ourselves within the riding community but also further into the general community.

We can learn…We can modify…We can lead by example and we can teach!

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