Best Motorbike Key Security Tip


Best Motorbike Key Security Tip – In this video I discuss and simple and effective security measure for your motorcycle key when out riding. Just by using a metal cable lined reminder cable that you can get from any motorcycle accessory store or Amazon etc, you can secure the keys to a solid part of the motorcycle so that if a thief tries to grab your keys from you, they are less likely to be able to run off with them. Enjoy.
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Hello welcome to RevelatorAlf from The channel about motorcycle exploring biking issues and lifestyle. Please subscribe and hit the notifications bell down there. 

So in this video I’m talking about how to stop your keys from getting stolen from you whilst

you’re riding your bike yeah you basically at traffic lights or something all of a sudden some ne’er-do-well comes by swipes your keys runs off with them and that’s it you’re stranded there and you’re basically you’re screwed so

they can come back steal your bike later or whatever. So I’m going to show you a very simple way just to secure your keys to your bike so if somebody tries to snatch them away they’re they’re gonna really struggle okay okay so what you need to do is get yourself one of these basically just a tie chain and you get

these from you know any motorcycle accessory shop, you get them from Amazon

whatever and you get yourself one of these little small carabiners as well get them from any sort of outdoor center sometimes outdoor shop whatever basically what you need to do you need to wrap this around something on your bike let’s say a mirror stalk let’s say the actual handlebars something like that that you can’t be pulled away and just wrap it around thread one end through the other and that’s it okay so I’ll show you how you do that now. 

Okay so you get your cord here you just go through the handlebar loop one end through the other and there you go so now it’s physically attached to the handlebar so if somebody comes along swipes your keys they’re going to be pulling on that so then you get your carabiner and you loop that through the keyring that’s it just through the keyring and then you’ve got your keys in there so if somebody tries to swipe your keys all of a sudden they just pull in on that they’re not gonna take them away now the alternative is to

not have a carabiner at all just have the loop and just pop that in the keys in the keyring the problem with it that’s going to be a a pain in the arse to actually just you know every time you want to get the keys out of the bike and you know leave it somewhere park up you have to unthread that this way with the carabiners just a quick clip on clip off that kind of thing That’s it and away you go now it’s up to you what you want to do because these are actually really cheap to buy I would just leave this on the bike just clip this on the bike there you go and that’s right now you could actually just take this away with you so let pull that away and just take it away with you so really inexpensive but effective way just keeping your keys secured to your bike whilst you’re riding in and it stops them I’m not saying they’ll fall out by themselves but somebody come along and trying to swipe them from you anyway I hope this helps say you can get this from Amazon or anything on that I’ve got some description down below you know but yeah say you can pick them up anywhere you know where to pick them up from so please leave comments below and please subscribe and tell all your friends share the video as well have a catch on the next video whenever it is go a lot more biking videos coming up a lot more trail rides as well so catch you then check out the website as well lots of stuff going on

there cheers now.

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