How To Ride Motorcycles On Muddy Trails In Winter


How To Ride Motorcycles On Muddy Trails In Winter – In this video I discuss taking a motorcycle onto the muddy trails in winter and giving tips how to deal with the slippery mud, the deep ruts and where the pitfalls can be found when riding through deep muddy water too. In general, the rider should try to find the most compacted surface possible and plan the route as they go. If dealing with a slope, then move the motorcycle to the lower end of the slope to avoid sliding. In the mud the motorbike can become very unstable so the key is to avoid harsh braking and use the clutch to control drive.

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How To Ride Motorcycles On Muddy Trails In Winter


Shall we see how sticky it is on the trials

catch you inside

hello welcome to RevelatorAlf from the channel about motorcycle exploring biking issues and lifestyle. So I’m out on the Triumph again, gonna be hitting the trails down

there and I’m really gonna see how muddy it is so a please subscribe hit the notifications bell somewhere down there for the latest videos, follow me on social media @RevelatorAlf and

well let’s see how far we get down here right, right and away we go

All right so I know it’s just gonna be really slimy, we had quite a bit of rain last days and also we have lots of freezing temperatures as well as it’s frozen then it’s thawed out so I’m expecting it

to be all a bit wee and a bit wo and a bit wee. So slowly slowly here now luckily this actually bit isn’t been cut up so it’s you know flat hard and compact which is great you know so even if it is slipping and slidey, you’re just gonna slide along, you know the bike’s just gonna slide beneath you so no real issues, problem is when it gets rutted and it’s slippery and slimy that’s when it

becomes a bit of an issue but even so you know you still want to you know take it easy here all right.

Wow you know I wonder if there’s a


I’ll come back here afterwards

Well what a glorious day it is to be riding I’m freezing my nuts off and I’m dressed like the Michelin Man that’s for sure but it is glorious out here, now I know the trails are gonna be sticky and wet

and in some places it might even be flooded so let’s go and get dirty!

Well here I am I’m just getting on to the trail now, this kind of takes me along some bits a wooded area and in the summer it dries out really nicely but the problem is, there’s lots of sort of

puddles, not puddles but big big holes and puddles and get lots of four-by-fours going down here and then tractors and stuff and it really just cut it up so let’s see The problem is you’re kind of,  you don’t know what you descending into a lot of the time

I’m making a bit of an assumption here there’s not really gonna be a big hole in these big puddles as I say it is it’s very slimy around here anyway and it’s very very clay soil as are there’s a mixture of everything, really got to watch the camber as well, the way that the front tire really wants to move around a little bit. There we go… that’s a bit better

This is nice, yeah

You see I went through a bit of a hole that right now let’s never look here because I think I know that was a bridleway over there, still gonna be here let me just see where I am.

Do you know what it’s not as bad as I thought it was gonna be.  remember coming down here a couple of years ago and yeah okay you got big puddles and everything like that but it was really rutted they’d have some kind of lots of 4x4s or tractors down here and it was just like a half of meter ruts or something I mean it was awful but this isn’t too bad at all I’ve got to say I am well you know I’m quite enjoying it. now when I sort of talked about ruts deep when I was talking about ruts I don’t really talk about the wide ruts you just keep on riding through those there’s no no issues it’s the very narrow deep ruts that’s the ones you got to be really wary of and let me just get up on here


Now you think OK just go through puddles and not a big deal and it isn’t your I’m not trying to make out as if it’s you know very technical whatever I’m saying but in the winters especially 

the winter because you’ve got a lot more water and it’s gonna be a lot more muddy

the waters gonna be muddy so you can’t actually see the bottom of it,  so you don’t know what you’re riding through so one of the puddles just back there I could feel the bike actually sank another 1/2 foot so you know all of a sudden you can be in something that you didn’t really want to be into you know what I mean so just be careful, alright so let’s have a look here before I  lose myself

yeah Wow Beauty! nice

and it is, I tell you what, it’s all clutching control down here you know you’re kind of you don’t really go on the brakes that much you just let the the natural friction of the of the of the track sort of slow you down a little bit but then you also just you know watch it with the control it with the clutch a little bit and just cut out the engine power because it’s the engine power that’s really gonna screw you over here. Well there you go that was alright wasn’t it! that’s it that’s this short little stretch done cool all right let’s see where else I can get to okay so there’s this byway down here, let’s give this a go, see what this is like okay not too bad… it’s balance that’s what it is just

balance Do you know what, I’m gonna get into the rut because it wants to slide me into that

anyway just get me into the rut it’s going downhill as well there we go, off this little bit here into the rut let’s get up onto the peg  a little bit. 

squeeze the front brake what you can’t really see on the, like I can see beneath the leaves there’s a bit of a hidden rut but it’s also quite soft going I can feel that the front tire just kind of you know when it doesn’t roll properly it just kind of slides on it a little bit it’s still rolling but you can feel that it’s not rolling freely enough do you not I mean, there we go and again just really so controlling it with the clutch here cutting out that engine power and I’m at  idle, do you know what I mean but I

will say about these big you know adventure bikes I said it before so many times before that sometimes the gearing is just too high in first and second gear for off-road use you know you kind

of need it, how can I put this you need a few extra teeth uh-huh on the cog know what I mean you know although this is a shaft drive but you don’t I mean the gearing needs to be slightly different but anyway there we go, this is nice

Now where do I go from here now is this, I don’t know if this is a Byway her or not okay let me just go this way runner up ahead try not to startle them too much


all right all right I guess is that it that’s it oh this is it this is the end this was the end the end my friend, the end right well that’s it then I’ll tell you what I’ll do I’ll double back here let’s see if I can investigate I go and investigate how muddy I really can get you see the ditches there well I actually rode here and the ditch was just overflowing and it’s just about to come right across the road so you know lucky it stopped raining yesterday here in this area anyway at least so otherwise I think that would be completely breaking over the road so a lot of these ditches are starting to get

filled up and that’s why I was thinking that these trails would be really muddy today, they are incredibly muddy don’t get me wrong and then incredibly slimy but they’re not completely waterlogged I suppose that’s what I’m trying to say they’re not flooded over just yet all right now is this is the byway it’s not that yeah yeah yeah yeah

Beauty Wow look at this

You know me I do love my trails and I just love going exploring you know just seen different places and different trails you know what I don’t think I’ve actually ridden this one before would

you believe it there we go take it easy because I want to take I want to take in my surroundings as well god you know what I mean. I wonder if there’s a dead end up there, there could be a dead end here, so see where we’re at Do you know what,  I actually think I just saw somebody walking there dog, I think actually I think I straight onto a footpath here. do to do to do and did it do so what I’ll do I’ll get off here and head back the way I came lovely

it is slippery though underneath crikey it is slippery I was sorry, map-reading not very good there is it – alright OK

Well yeah yes still gonna be so careful okay so this is just slipping and sliding all over the place yeah oh yeah right see do you know what I’m gonna do,  I gonna get over to the left-hand side here, that’s it I’m gonna go uphill here and I’m gonna take it just keep the revs on as much as I need it as opposed to you know gunning it because it’s so slippery and slimy could easy just spin up here so just gonna take it easy try and find a that’s it the bottom of the rut here where it’s gonna be hard and compact cuz I know 4×4 have been down here, look for the hard and compacted stuff that’s where the tires gonna get the most grip most traction I should say Oh same thing really isn’t it there we go good where should I go now, this way right back this way that’s right back to first gear and away we go.

lovely all right if I scraped my boot in the mud then I’ll just give the impression I’ve been getting really muddy won’t I, but all this water is just washing it off yeah all right here’s another one 

beauty beauty nice, look at that. look where I am, fantastic that’s nice to get out in the middle of nature a little bit on the bike right so I’ve just come down up through there very muddy it was and I’m just gonna go up there up there yes it’s gonna get muddy it’s gonna go wet the tires you’re

gonna have to do their business but this is what I’m talking about when you go in off-road and you want to get into the muddy stuff you know choose your battles wisely because this is you know it’s muddy it’s slimy and everything and you could easily come a cropper however the ruts if you look at the ruts the wheel tracks if you like on this in this particular track by way they’re quite wide that the actual rut as well hard and compact whereas everything in between is really muddy and slimy so your best bet actually in my opinion is to go on the rut that’s a wide rut so you’re not going to you know lose your balance too much if you try and go in the middle that front tires gonna go all over the place the rear tires gonna be spinning all over the place it’s gonna be really hard work for you and you even might throw you off so stick to the hard compacted stuff now really depends how deep the rut gets so you’re gonna have to plan your route as you go along as

well anyway let’s see if I can follow my own advice let’s get going. Right off we go

You can see here this is the the track the wheel mark is you know relatively sort of hard and compact whereas you know on either side it’s all kind of muddy and slippery and slimy a lot of times when you go an off-road as well you have a camber you have a slope in the track and naturally the bike just wants to slip to the bottom of the you know onto the track so right now I’ve got a camber from right to left and the bike wants to take me down now right now it’s actually hard to compare so I can ride in the middle but you know if it’s going to the left then just go to the bottom of the bottom of the track if you know the mean the lowest point and that’l help you out a lot I’m not saying you have to but if you’re fighting the bike you might have to need to now you also might have to lean off the bike as well you know lean one side or another and that will help you keep your balance so if the bike wants to drift down to down hill let’s say if you lean uphill off

the bike uphill it will actually help to stabilize the bike a little bit yeah here we go, right wonder how deep these are clutch control here

yeah nice that’s a deep one very good mm-hmm just covering the brakes as well but it’s all clutch

control really didn’t know that was a track through there all right

nice I’m on a really muddy track here and to my left is a beautifully manicured golf course, I’m not into golf by the way but you know if I were then that would be a glorious place to go no no no that’s a track there that’s pretty cool oh yeah yeah all right let’s get up to this bit here


yeah Oh muddy moguls I’m not swearing by the way that is just their muddy and their mogul

ish up and down ish we go to the right-hand side here, hello At least the bike’s getting a wash of

sorts yeah hello

right then on the return leg now just see if we can check out this other little trial not sure if I’m allowed on it but you know what I can give it a go I’ve never actually been up here before so I don’t know if you’re allowed to or not it’s very slippery here yeah Wow is a slippery little bugger

you know what you stick on the grass a little bit I think well this is sort of compacted but it’s just really really muddy and really slimy crikey there was me thinking yeah this would be easy this is no problem at all now look at it yeah having to really watch the front tire just wants to slip all over the

place of whoa so no no brakes on the front here that’s all it’s really can’t afford to do that wow you haven’t never knew never even knew this was here

yeah I’m assuming I just go around the perimeter do I? Let’s have a look oh I say well you know what all I’m doing is just squeezing on the back brake here because I just don’t trust that front at all it really does want to slip and slide from beneath me and any kind of because there’s a little

bit of bumpy in places you can probably not picking it up on the video but it’s just deflecting the front tire it’s just making it want to go all over the place so the best thing to do is just this is all

clutch control here just let it let it roll and that’s the best thing no power see how we go you know yeah it’s one of those things you know you just you think yeah yeah be alright you should be alright but it’s so easy to for this I mean it’s just this is just pure compacted clay here so you can

imagine it’s just like an ice rink it really is just like an ice rink and there was me thinking yeah be fine it’d be good good fun you were kind of it I think it is I will give it that it’s a beautiful spot isn’t everything right in the trees er what a lovely place to…do you know what I’m gonna have to bring my dog down here I think. Walkies, what a lovely place to walk that’s the great thing about getting out on your bike and getting into places you never been to before you found you find lots of places as yet undiscovered to you and then you think oh I could come for a nice walk walk the dog come for a picnic you know the score. All right now now you’re probably thinking why am I

going so slowly because I can’t get this explain this but the tires are not and I got the knobblies the tires are not gripping at all and I am literally just rolling on in a bed of slime and it’s one of those things that you just kind of think well no power just clutch control no brakes just squeezing on the rear of a bit of longitudinal stability and I’m talking squeezing here not nowhere near you know actually trying to put any pressure on here okay that’s good alright through here cool now I wonder what this land was then it must be some kind of common land or something, yeah right anyway we’re out of here I think this is the way I came in it was like yeah yeah it was, yeah right that’s that’s my little journey of today I hope you enjoyed that I hope you’ve got some tips along the way to you know which is kind of why do these things as well just to show you kind of the reality of all this sort of stuff on a big adventure bikes there we go on compacted stuff I’ll spin up the rear tire a bit

Yeah good right back to where I came this is all good stuff, did you see that  squirrel up ahead all right let’s pull over here well that’s it that’s the end of the muddy ride the winters right here yeah

you see checked out some of those muddy trails are a little bit muddy bit rutted up that’s what you’re gonna watch out for in the winter you get out on the byways and whilst it’s great getting on

the muddy stuff it also attracts a lot of the kind of 4×4 lads as well, the tractor lads as well and they’re getting out and they’re gonna churn it all up so it can be quite difficult so if you are in those and it’s relatively for if the byway is relatively flat and you know I would always try and pick the path that’s got the most compacted you know ground beneath it that’s usually gonna be where the wheel marks are not always I’m not gonna say this is a blanket statement but you know

it kind of does work out that way so if you can get out you know onto the track onto the byways and if it’s getting really muddy and also especially if there’s a bit of a camber, a bit of a slope on there as well which wants to take you down hill, the best thing to do in my advice will always seems to work out for me especially on a big heavy bike you know is get to the bottom of the

slope and then ride on the slope if you if you’re in a wide rut you know and it you can tell and you can see that it’s hard and compact underneath then ride on that as opposed to struggling you know with the front tire trying to search in the mud and the rear tire just losing grip you know you’ll just find it a lot easier to go that way. Don’t get me wrong you can mess around in the mud if that’s what you want to do of course but what I’m saying is you know the heavier the bike you know like a big adventure bike the more the harder it’s going to be for you even on the smaller bikes it can be harder for you so now also as you saw just now with you know really hard compacted trails depending on how wet it is depending what the soil structure is if it’s clay like that was it’s just like a you know riding on on ice really it’s just a slimy mess you’ll easily lose the

bike you know it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the knobblies on because I’ve got the knobblies on there’s no issue so you know you’ve just got to just got to be really careful there you know take everything and it is it’s all clutch control but you know squeezing on the rear brake hardly touching the front brake you know when it’s really slimy conditions especially if you’re going

down here if you’re on camber you’re gonna be really careful so if you are gonna touch that front brake again it’s a very very small nibble of the disc if you know what I mean so that’s what you

need so just be ultra careful out there but you know I may love getting out on the muddy stuff love getting dirty and you know hopefully the videos that you’re watching you know just go to show

that you can get out on them to in on any bike no problem at all but you know just be take just be careful with the muddy stuff this time of year and the winter riding as well and just as I always say you know choose your battles wisely and get on the most compacted surface that you can just make life easy for it okay well I hope you enjoyed the video catch you on the next one whenever

that is please subscribe hit the notifications bell, follow me on social media @RevelatorAlf and what else is there oh yeah leave loads of comments below and give it a thumbs up

if you really liked it right catch on the next one whenever that is cheers now

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