Do Adventure Bikes Need Motorcycle Skid Plates Belly Pans Bash Plates

Do Adventure Bikes Need Motorcycle Skid Plates Belly Pans Bash Plates – In this video I discuss taking a motorcycle off road and whether you need to have an engine sump guard and motorcycle skid plate. Sometimes referred to as bash plates or belly pans and preferably made of metal, these are attached to the motorcycle and will protect somewhat against flying mud, rocks and stones as well as when moving over logs or rock ridges. I also talk about the weaknesses and the belly pan attachment points on the Triumph Explorer and how they could be improved too.

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Do Adventure Bikes Need Motorcycle Skid Plates Belly Pans Bash Plates


Right. Do you need a bash plate on your bike when you’re going off-road

Catch you inside

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So in this video I’m talking about yeah going off-road as I normally am but on that thing on the Triumph Explorer and to getting on the muddy trails yeah we’re in the dead of winter here it’s a

gloriously winters cold winter’s day it’s actually a bloody freezing it’s thawed out a little bit over

freezing temperatures, lots of rain but all the tracks are completely cut up. Now the question is should you have a bash plate on your bike when you’re going offroad well as simple answer is yes you do, because it protects the engine and the underside of the bike but on this bike and many other bikes are the bash plates any good so I’m gonna come out into the mud here, look, I’m going to get all muddy as well look at that, now my big issue about these bash plates, a lot of them, on that any of the bikes really is that where are they attached to? Now on this one for example on the Triumph Explorer the bash plate it’s just got a little 6mm bolt or 5mm bolt and it’s right into the bottom of the engine casing and it’s sort of attached at the bottom as well but that’s all it’s holding it on that’s really weak now if it was me, I would put this bash plate with the yeah still have that attachment there but also have another attachment that’s set on the engine guard here as well or trying you know put it into the subframe a little bit more, something that just held it on a little bit more. Now the reason why you have this on obviously because any rocks or anything like that you know you start getting into the rutted stuff now you know which I am here you know

they’re big deep puddles you don’t know if it’s how deep they are because it’s all muddy so you chance it a little bit.

These are ruts but they’re wide ruts and they’re not too deep so they’re actually still easy going for the bike but every now and again you’re gonna have stuff kick up on the bike and you know it’s

gonna hit that bash plate which is going to protect your bike so you know doesn’t matter what bike it is how, I’ve got to say that, whether it’s big adventure bike whether it’s a motocross, an enduro or whatever I’d also say have a little bash plate on there especially with the the lighter bikes, enduros and motocross because if you’re gonna start jumping over things over logs or

whatever you need that to protect you you know your frame as well and possibly your engine so now what should they be made of. Well in my opinion there’s only one it’s gotta be made a metal of any kind really even if you have to fashion one yourself you know make it out metal now have seen some which I kind of despair with the manufacturers a little bit and I’ve got a sale I will name in shame here although I love the bike the Norton Atlas Ranger it’s got a bash plate but a lot of it is filled in with wire mesh and I just think well that’s just gonna break really easy now you know you want it to be like a trail bike A scrambler trail bike but it’s gonna get wrecked really quick now I’m sure they’ve tested it and I’m sure it’s gonna be pretty good but the second time do you not I mean it just doesn’t seem right to me do you want something sturdy you want something that’s going to be bashed about because that’s the whole point of it you know it needs to get scratched it needs to to get yes stones and rocks hurled at it, otherwise it’s not doing its job and you’re not you know now you could argue when I’m never gonna go you know off-road so I don’t need one then yeah if you’re not gonna go off-road then you don’t need it as simple as that but you know you can get away with a plasticy type one just for road chips and things like that if you want to

protect the inner side of your bike but if you’re going to go anywhere serious then you need some like that, also it kind of protects the bike and the engine from getting completely caked in this

horrible mud, you see it down there you know all this sort of stuff you know especially this

time of year it gets really claggy and you have to hose your bike down anyway don’t get me wrong but it just protects it a little bit more and you know helps with the heating or the cooling of the engine a little bit if it’s not completely caked in mud anyway so look do you need a bash plate belly pan whatever you want to call it?

Yes! You know should they be attached to bikes maybe to the frame or better brackets or something Yes and they’re worth their weight in gold really they really are, anyway so I hope you found this useful at least at least you can see that the bike is actually getting out there and getting onto the dirty stuff and where it’s definitely is getting dirty I’m not getting so dirty so much because all the water’s washing the mud away there you go, go figure. If you’re gonna go off-road whatever it is especially in the muddy stuff as well especially like this get a bash plate for your bike or or try and get something here for your bike. So this has been a video about well you know whether you need a bash plate or not on your bike a belly pan. Hope you liked the video please give it a thumbs up leave loads of comments below get onto the website loads of

information on there and well catch you on the next video whenever that is cheers now.

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