Can Motorcycles Use Bus Lanes In The UK


Can Motorcycles Use Bus Lanes In The UK – In this video I discuss the use of motorcycles in bus lanes in the UK. Such as in London or in other cities. I explain when motorcycles can be ridden and what signs to look out for that will let you know when you can ride in them. Much has been said of motorcycles being restricted in urban areas and the Ultra Low Emissions Zones too, however many UK councils are now starting to think again about the benefits of motorcycling and how it can assist traffic management planning, congestion easing and even pollution too.

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Can Motorcycles Use Bus Lanes In The UK


So, you want to ride your motorcycle in a bus lane in the UK?

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 So…Can you ride your motorcycle in a bus lane in the UK and more importantly what are councils doing about it?

Well, the short answer is Yes…and No! It really depends which area you are riding in and if the councils are allowing it.

Motorcycle lobby groups such as Motorcycle Action Group in the UK have long campaigned to secure bus lanes to be used by motorcyclists however it hasn’t always been readily adopted by many of the councils.

In fact, many councils still do not factor for the benefits of motorcycling and have not been that forthcoming in making it easier and more efficient for motorcycles to get around cities.

But perhaps the tide is turning not only for bus lane use but also for how motorcycles are being perceived within the corridors of traffic management powerhouses.

Only recently did the Motorcycle Action Group in London meet with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan who indicated that motorcycles will be allowed to continue to use bus lanes and will be allowed to use the red routes too.

In fact some councils in the country are even bucking the Ultra Low Emissions Zone trend and allowing unrestricted access of motorcycles within those cities.

Some councils are even going on record regaling the benefits of motorcycling not only in traffic congestion easing but also in the great pollution debate.

Of course councils need to address the emissions levels by all vehicles and it is right to do so.

And in my recent video for the Ultra Low Emissions Zone, the ULEZ in London, check the card up there, I was also asking whether it was right for older motorcycles to be penalised for riding within them.

Whilst many cities around Europe are implementing their ultra low emissions zones and they are restricting or they will be restricting a lot of motorcycle use within them, some councils in the UK are starting to recognise the benefits of motorcycling and perhaps are starting to do a lot more positive things for motorcycle use in general.

So here’s a question for you all. If you had to speak to a council official in the UK, how would you put a case forward for promoting the use of motorcycles within an urban are? Please leave your comments below.

So, back to the original question. Can motorcycles be used in bus lanes in UK towns and cities. Well, first of all there isn’t a blanket yes or no answer here.

It really depends which urban area you are riding through and which bus lane you’re using too.

The only way to know for sure is to first consult the council of the area in which you’re going to ride or at the entry of each bus lane to look for the motorcycle symbol on the blue information sign. So, just like that one there!

If it’s on there, then you can use it. If it’s not on there, you can’t!

In fact, you might find within the same town or city, some bus lanes will allow motorcycles and some will not. So before you start to ride in a bus lane in the UK, be sure to check the blue information sign and look for the motorcycle symbol.

So here’s another question for you. Do you think that all bus lanes in the UK should allow motorcycles to freely use them and what would be the benefits for all? Please leave your comments below using the prefix: Bus Lanes

Personally, I mostly use my motorcycle whenever I’m going to  ride in the town or city. It just makes sense for me as I can filter and rarely get held up by traffic.

However one of the greatest benefits of using a motorcycle in a built up area is when you can actually use the bus lanes.

So I’m always looking for where I can use bus lanes to get to my destination quicker and also be somewhat protected from other road users as well.

You see, for the longest time councils perceived all motorcycles as polluting monsters and the only green answers they were willing to listen to were that of walking, cycling and public transport.

However after many years of lobbying…and with motorcycles getting more efficient year on year too, and with the recognition that most motorcycles are still cleaner than most other vehicles. Some of the councils are starting to rethink their traffic management plans…and it can’t come soon enough.

If you ride a motorcycle then I would say try to use it as often as you can especially if you want to go into urban areas and try make best use of the bus lanes wherever possible as that just amplifies the benefits of motorcycling for all.

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