Kinps Power Bank 10000mAh Review – Model KP-S010


Kinps Power Bank 10000mAh Review – Model KP-S010 – In this video I discuss and review this power bank from Kinps for charging iPhones iPads or any other smartphone android or action camera too. It’s high power output appears to allow fast charging multiple times too and although it is as big as the iPhone 6 it is really effective especially if you’re away from a charging port. With age many batteries lose their power duration so having an external battery like this is the answer although not ideal if you want to avoid carry lots of kit, however it is small enough not to be too cumbersome. Enjoy.

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Kinps 10000mAh Power Bank

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So, this is a Kinps Power Bank, Do you want to know more about it? Catchya Inside!


Hello, welcome to Revelator Alf from The channel about motorcycle exploring, biking issues and lifestyle. Please subscribe, hit the notifications bell for all the latest videos.

So in this video I’m talking about…actually a power bank for your iPhone or your action cam, or whatever.

Now, I use a, for some of the videos that I make, I actually just use an iPhone. I don’t tend to use the front camera so much, more the rear camera for better quality.

However, as with most iPhones, the battery runs out quite quickly, so if I’m using it all day or even half a day now…the battery runs down. So, I’m forced to get a power bank, now the reason why I’ve gone for this one because it’s 10000mAh, so this is a powerful one and it’s good for about 5 charges at least of an iPhone.

So, it’s great if I’m doing all day filming, lots of clips that kind of thing.

It’s very easy to charge up, you got a micro usb port here, so you just plug that in and charge it up. You’ve got 2 USB ports here which charge a smart phone or cation cam or whatever…

And it’s very intelligent because it’ll swap between which one that needs it the most you se as well, it’ll deliver more power.

So this actually, is model KP-S010 as well, and it’s very light, although it’s quite big it’s very lightweight.

so, here’s the thing…the size. This is an iPhone 6 SE and there you go, it’s about the same size, slightly bigger, slightly wider and slightly thicker as well if side by side.

It’s a big old hefty thing to be taking with you really. But it’s one of those things that you get used to it. Once you start you know putting in the USB lead for whatever you’ve got, your phone and then plug it in there, right, turn it on. You’ve got a power button as well which is actually really good. 

Turn it on. And then it automatically starts charging. You’ve got a kind of wrap all this up here. And then you’re carrying this around. Now, you know I do this all the time, so I’m quite used to it, but it is a bit cumbersome. 

Now in an ideal world you just have you know your iPhone battery that lasts a long time but the reality is they don’t do that.

No battery lasts forever. so if you’re out and about and have;t got a method of charging it then having something like this either on your bike, in your pocket or in your glove box in your car, is actually a really good thing.

Especially, say if you’re away from the vehicle, now I, when I’m making my bike videos and I’m using my iPhone for Sat Nav purposes that kind of off road navigation, I’m using this but I’ve got it connected to a power charger on the bike, so I don’t need this when I’m actually riding. It’s when I’m off riding…off the bike and I’m making some videos with this that’s when I need that.

So if I’m out and about all day, this is going last me a long long time and it will probably be good for a couple of days actually constant charging of this. Now I haven’t put this to the test yet, but it should be really good. And also because of the power, it should be a faster charge as well.

So it’s really good. The only down side I would say is possibly the size but apart from that…it’s relatively cheap, you know. We’re talking about £15 odd here for one of these, it comes with the charging lead as well and it’s available from lot of places but I got it from Amazon, got the link below if you’re interested.

But actually it actually works. The other reason that I got it was not purely for the iPhone, It’s actually for my action cams which are the Drift which I’m filming on and also the GoPro which I’m filming on as well.

So, that…this can charge those when I’m on the go. Especially if I’m away from a power source where I can’t charge the batteries, this will be perfect. So if you’re in need of an extra power adapter, I would say something like this, KINPS, I assume that’s how you pronounce it. 

Kinps is actually a good, I’m not sure if it’s a good brand to go for, not sure about brand names, but certainly in terms of the power and its the way it does the job it’s a good buy.

Anyway hope you found this useful, as I say I’ve got it, I have been using a smaller power bank but that will only last for a couple of charges really, so this is why I wanted this one, it’ll last for 5 or 6…even 10 charges and it’ll last for a long time, especially when I’m doing a lot of videos and or using it for a sat nav when I’m on my bike, or off my bike and I go for a walk in the woods and that kind of thing.

But anyway, this is a really good…hope you like the video, please leave loads of comments below. Let me know what you think of it. If you’ve used it, if there are any issues with it, after you’ve been testing it for a while, if you’ve got any other power banks that you use for your phone or whatever, when you’re out biking that kind of thing…or hiking or whatever.

Also, leave loads of comments, as I say, leave loads of comments, please subscribe, hit the notifications bell, give it a thumbs up if you like that as well, and I’ll catch you on the next video as well.

Now catch the descriptions below for the descriptions, all the links, the description of all the items in the video as well. Check out the website for the blog post of this video and there will be lots of information in there below the video as well.

Right, catch you on the next one, whenever it is, Cheers Now.

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