Riders Tales – Overtaking Queuing Traffic!

Riders Tales

Overtaking Queuing Traffic!

Nearly 25 years ago now I had a ‘smidge’ of an accident whilst overtaking a line of queuing traffic in the morning rush hour.

I remember like it was yesterday…I was on my way into college and running a bit late. It was a main artery into the city centre, single carriageways. lots of parked cars and multiple property entrances and side roads on either side.

I came up behind some stationary traffic and just automatically went to the outside to start overtaking and was making good progress past as you might imagine.

All was well with the world, I would get to college in time, ‘they’ would still be stuck in traffic – ha ha, I’d be able to get my morning coffee before lectures started…Great!

Then all of a sudden, a dark metallic grey VW Golf, decided to turn right, across my path, into a side junction, obviously trying to get out of the queue and seek another route.

The driver didn’t look before he turned…otherwise he would have seen me! Of course he should, even if I was in his blind spot just over his right shoulder…the git!

As soon as he turned right, I knew that I was going to get hit, as the car started to swipe me from the left.

Luckily I had invested in some tough steel toe-capped biker boots a few weeks before which left a lovely gouge along his driver’s door, the rest of the knock was taken up by the engine casing.

I managed to kick myself away from the car, steer around the front of him and pull over on the side, whilst he did the same…in the side road. I kept telling myself as I inspected my bike for damage…”His Fault…Didn’t Look…Didn’t see me…His Fault!”

As we both inspected our vehicles, we probably thought that his had more damage and I told him that he was to blame, so he should take care of his and I’ll take care of mine…which wasn’t more than a scratch really! Great, little prang, but no claim on insurance…so result all around!

The reality was at the same time I was also thinking…”I hope I get away with this one!”, because I also knew that I wasn’t really paying attention, not allowing for blind spots or prepared for a driver not being able to see me or not look and turn across my path. He wasn’t expecting me to be there and I wasn’t expecting him to do that! It was a lesson that has stayed with me ’til this day!

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