K&F Concept Tripod Best For 2019 Review


K&F Concept Tripod – Best for 2019 Review – In this video I discuss the best all around tripod for this coming year of 2019 and it’s applications for video and photography too. The K&F is very sturdy and the build quality is excellent too. I show how effective it’s dimensions are and how it can be modified to fits other cameras with the quick release caps too. The extendable legs and rubberised feet make it feel secure too and it can carry a heavy load for a small compact tripod that is perfect for videos or photography on the go and especially when doing motorcycle shots too. I show how to attach multiple cameras too to get the best multi angle shots for a single motorcycle motion capture. Enjoy

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K&F Concept TM2324 Tripod

Olympus OMD EM-10 Mark II

GoPro Hero4

Drift Ghost HD

Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Mic

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Do you want to know which is the best

compact tripod for 2019? Catchya inside!

REVELATOR ALF  Hello welcome to RevelatorAlf from revelatoralf.com The channel about motorcycle exploring, biking issues and

lifestyle. Please subscribe and hit the notifications bell down there for all

the latest videos. 

So in this video I’m talking about what I consider to be the best tripod or compact tripod for 2019, In fact it’s probably being the best tripod for a quite a long time certainly

for the application which I want to use

you know on the road on the bike getting

static shots making it small enough and

compact enough to fit in a bag or strap

it to the rucksack it’s really good so

this is the K&F concept TM 23 24 

Now I’ve used other compact tripods before

and got to say they’re just to flimsy not they just feel weak this feels really strong, made of aluminium you know it’s good sturdy got rubber feet as well so it locks in it’s really tall

goes up to 62 inches as well but actually in its folded size really really small, now it’s also got these extendable legs of course but it’s got

the clips which I really like you know these kind of clips and it’s sturdy as well so that’s what I’d like the other ones that kind of twist ones I just

don’t like them anyway this is really good. It’s got a swivel top at the top here just a ball top to meet your angles got a spirit level there as well which is really good and it’s even got a

quick-release clasp here there attach that to the basic camera it’s got a rubber foot footing so it would grip on tight as well, so that’s really

good and this actually you know it’s the it’s all moves really smoothly as well you know it’s no grit in there or anything it’s almost Teflon lining, it isn’t but if you know what I mean. This The, a this…knob here as well it just makes it a

really smooth left and right for panning which is really good. It doesn’t tilt planning but left and right panning is really good. 

It’s got a foam grip on one side so you can you use it as a monopod as well just do that, lock it off and they just have it on there and just use it really easily so you know, I like actually like this. Now tripods are tripods aren’t they really you know which which ever used I like it because it’s just really superior build quality

it’s made of strong stuff it’s got a hook at the bottom of the center piece as well so you can actually weight it down with a bag or something like that this center piece actually comes out so what you need to do is just unscrew the bottom that take off the rubber bung unscrew the center part here the lock

and just slide it out so therefore you can actually put this inverted like so there you go lock it off the top lock it off to whatever height you want and then you can suspend your camera from beneath here to get a really low shot if you want to get an aerial shot or something that you’re filming you know on the

floor or something right now it’s not the kind of photography that I do but it has its uses if you want to really low shots as well you can actually just have this all the way down have the camera sort of pointing up, I’m getting a low shot, pointing up, which is really cool, okay the other way you can just quickly change it got these clips here just move the legs all the way around and they lock in as well and then you just invert it and you’ve got it you know so you’re doing that don’t mean you have to take this pole out, you just invert it and away you go

and just really got these locks you just put some pressure on pull them out and they come out again so I actually really like this you know it’s just simple but it’s sturdy and it’s compact as well and when you just unlock that, put it all

down there we go.

So look how small that is that is about 18 inches you know fold it actually comes where is this it actually comes in a carry bag as

well it’s got a… it’s got a strap as why so you can fling this over your shoulder or as I would do I would put the strap this to my rucksack or if I’ve got the if I’m on the bike and the panniers I’ll just put this and this in the panniers so it’s just really good Now it’s designed to take bigger cameras you can put you make you action cams you Drift or you GoPros on there as well just with you know just be the conventional attachment there or you

know any camera like a sports camera action cam, like a Drift or a GoPro or whatever it is with the the right connector you can also attach the GoPros to all the drifts to the legs

I’ll show you like this so you can have multiple shots just for one movement so let’s say you want a static shots of the bike riding by where you can have the one camera facing as as a passing shot as the bike goes by, you can have the GoPro let’s say facing in that way as an

oncoming shot you can have the GoPro facing that way or the drift or whatever the cameras using give it that way as the moving away shot. I tend to film like that I think it’s a lot more

efficient I think you know you can be in one place really quickly just quickly set up the cameras and you can have three or four shots depending on how many cameras you’ve got just one movement do two or three passes and

you’ll get lots of b-roll you know for whatever shot you want so I think it’s brilliant you know it will design for an SLR

Of course so it can take up to 10 kilos and 10 kilos plus you know in maximum height I’ll go up to 62 inches you know but it goes down to 18 inches you know folded length you know you can just take this out and put it inverted to

make it even smaller.

You can hang a weight from it as well so that that make it really sturdy, but it just feels sturdy it feels good so I think you know this, certainly from my point of view for… for doing

in studio work or on location work you know with the bike videos, this is this is definitely a great bit of kit and yeah I would say you know if you’re going to get any kind of tripod get

something like this you don’t have to get this one, the description down below you can you know link it yourself let’s say it’s about £47-50right now $60 you know even if it was like a £100 you know it still would be really great value for what it is because you it’s good build quality. 

K&F Concept TM 23 24 – my choice for 2019 best tripod especially for making motorcycle

videos lots of diversity, lots of… lots of applications as I say, just strap your other cameras to it and you’ve got multiple shooting angles just from one stable platform. Right well I hope you found this useful as I say this is

really really good and certainly my go-to tripod for 2019.

Catch you on the next videos whenever they are. Please subscribe hit the notifications bell, leave loads of comments below and let me know what you think if you’ve used this what you think of it or any of the tripod as well and

follow me on social media as well that’d be really good and check out the website revelatoralf.com as well. Check out the blog posts for this to be all the details in there as well for this tripod right and obviously all the other equipment that I’m using as well. 

So catch on the next video whenever that is.

Cheers now!


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