What’s The Point?

Have you heard about a motorcycle accident that may have involved a stranger, a friend or colleague and you were left wondering:

  1. How did it happen?
  2. Why did it happen?
  3. Who was at fault?
  4. How could it have been avoided?

Motorcycle safety programs should be designed to provide information to explain why accidents occur under varying conditions and what and why injuries occur, why fatalities are possible and most importantly what can be done to avoid an accident situation, and how to minimise the severity of injuries.

The combination of the website, video and audio formats and social networking sites is dedicated to bring the rider information that will inform, educate and potentially improve a rider’s awareness of hazards. It aims to demonstrate to all road users, the requirement of motorcycles and the need for all road users to improve their standards and practices. 

Safety is often considered with disdain, however if we think of safety in practical terms, then what we are really talking about is that a journey begins and ends and the bit in between was achieved without having an accident, causing an accident or creating an unnecessary risk to other road users and pedestrians.

We can all participate and be informed. We do not need to preach nor do we need to be overly regulated and restricted, however, we need to act in a manner that does not attract unwanted attention and more regulation and restrictions.

Riders can educate themselves and other riders and demonstrate to other road users that…’we have our house in order’ We can act as an example for general road safety. Riders are part of the solution and should not be part of the problem!  

It is a continuous process of dissemination of information and education of all riders that leaves a legacy for the next generation of rider…and driver! It is about changing attitudes and behaviours and focussing on what will affect rider safety and we have to be honest with ourselves and others as to what the real factors are!

For any safety program to be effective, it largely depends on riders, all riders of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities and riders of any and all types of motorcycle and scooter, to start discussing these rider safety issues and to promote them in their own way. To promote good riding and driving practices and honestly and accurately discuss why accidents happen but most importantly how they are to be avoided…because in the end that is the point and that should be the target legacy of this initiative!


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