Dakar Rally 2019 Preview – Routes in Peru



Dakar Rally 2019 Preview – Routes in Peru – Only a few more weeks until the famous Dakar Rally starts on 6thJanuary until 17thJanuary and this year the toughest race on earth takes places in Peru in South America. The Dakar rally route has changed completely since the Dakar rally route of 2018 as this year it omits Bolivia and Argentina too. Out of the Dakar 2019 teams, the KTM and Honda look like to be front runners. The map of stages starts at Lima on the 6thJanuary and ends on the 17thin Lima again. In this video I’ll run through the main riders to look out for, the teams, route, Dakar structure and some of reasons for this year’s planning. Enjoy. C’est Dakar!


Dakar Rally 2019 Preview – Routes in Peru


Do you want to know more about the toughest motorcycle race in the world? C’est Dakar! Catchya Inside!


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So…very exciting times in the off road motorcycle riding world right now as the Dakar Rally 2019 is about to start on the 6thJanuary and will run until the 17thof January.

For the last ten years the Dakar rally has been held in South America, but for the first time, the next one is to be held solely in Peru.

There had been some tension over border crossings with Bolivia and Argentina, so the Dakar planners decided to create 10 stages of pure hell in the sand dunes of Pure – Marvellous.

Now, the me the Dakar is the best race in the world because it really does test the rider and bike in the most challenging of conditions.

Just to finish the race at all is a blessing!

The team to watch out for again this year will undoubtedly be the winners for the last 17yrs. Yes The Daddy that is KTM with their 450 Rally bikes on display.

We can expect strong competition from Honda again but look out for Sherco and Husqvarna who have been performing really well this year.

As for the riders, well British fans will be hoping for Sam Sunderland to repeat his win of 2017 and Australian fans will be hopeful that Toby Price can improve on last year’s 3rd place finish to come away with the crown this time around to become a two time winner.

However my tip is going to be Argentina’s Kevin Benavides who finished very strong in 2nd place last year and poses the greatest threat to the KTM dominance.

Of course the Dakar is not only for motorcycles, it’s also about cars, trucks, quads & SXS’s or Side by Side. But in the motorcycle category is where the most drama is likely to be found especially in the sand dunes.

In this year’s event there are 10 stages with one humongous marathon stage where no pit crews are allowed.

That means that riders have to make their own repairs and preparations for the next stage.

There will also be 2 rest days…and they will need it considering the distances and conditions they’ll be travelling.

The total distance will amount to 3100 miles, 1900 on times special stages and 1200 miles on non race travel, or in between stages.

So here’s a question for you all. Which team and rider do you think will win the Dakar 2019? Please leave your comments below with the prefix: ‘DAKAR’

Last year’s winner Matthias Walkner will also be trying to get on the winner’s podium and he’ll be hoping his consistency will prove successful once again.

The Dakar is a true test of endurance, stamina, skill and not forgetting luck.

Each year there are riders that are tipped to do great things or even start out on top form. But one mistake, one crash, a mechanical problem and it’s game over in the blink of an eye.

That’s why the Dakar is such a difficult challenge for any entry but especially for those top riders who are really attacking the stages with pace to get the fastest times.

And the pace is truly breathtaking especially for the off road conditions and the distances they’ll be travelling.

So, these are the stages that the riders will have to navigate along and hope they get to the finish line in a good time.

Stage 1 – Lima – Pisco

Stage 2 – Pisco – San Juan de Marcona

Stage 3 – San Juan de Marcona – Arequipa

Stage 4 – Arequipa – Moquegua

Stage 5 – Moquegua – Arequipa

Stage 6 – Arequipa – San Juan de Marcona

Stage 7 – San Juan de Marcona – San Juan de Marcona

Stage 8 – San Juan de Marcona – Pisco

Stage 9 – Pisco – Pisco

Stage 10 – Pisco – Lima

Now the rest day will be between stage 5 and 6, with the marathon stage on stage 5 in Moquegua.

You can expect great racing, thrills, lots of spills and lots of uncertainty too but the top riders will be trying to emulate the great Stephane Peterhansel, with his 6 Yamaha bike wins and 5 times KTM winners: Marc Coma…who is now part of the Dakar organisation and Cyril Despres.

Now it must be said that there has been some growing controversy over the race in recent years. It is the toughest race in the world and unfortunately it does have its share of tragedies with occasional fatalities.

However this is the ultimate challenge for all entries and whilst the Dakar organisers have safety as their number one concern and they are a well oiled machine in terms of organisation, structure and emergency response, it is not a race without considerable risk for the rider, which they are fully aware of too of course.

There has also been a growing call for the race to return back to North Africa or possibly even relocate to another part of the world.

Whilst there are no definite plans at the moment it would appear that the growing frictions in South America may mean it does relocate in the near future.

So here’s a question for you all. Do you think the Dakar race should return to North Africa or should be moved to another part of the world? Please leave your comments below with the prefix: ‘DAKAR’
Well, as you might have gathered, I can’t wait for my favourite race of the year to commence. C’est Dakar!

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Do you think it’s the toughest motorcycle race in the world or is there another. Like the Isle of Man TT…Does that surpass it?

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