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How can old people carry on riding motorcycles? - catch you inside

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So in this video I'm talking about how elderly people can carry on 
riding motorcycles. Now you might think that's a little bit
offensive talking about elderly people and riding motorcycles but thereality is that as we all get older we're going get a little bit
slower. We're gonna get a little bit weaker and we're gonna get a 
little bit less mobile that even if we have all our faculties and allour physical capabilities. So there are certain things that we alwaysneed to do before we even attempt to get on a motorcycle. We need
to analyze our physical capability, our balance, our vision, our hearing, then we need to look at our physical mobility.
Can we actually get onto the motorcycle, can we actually handle the 
weight. So as we get older we may want to change the actual style of
motorcycle that we ride and also the size of motorcycle that we ride.
Okay so let's consider a rider who has trouble in cocking their leg 
over the bike to get over the saddle for example and sit on the bike.Well in that case they may consider actually choosing a lower bike 
for example a low rider a bobber that kind of thing. Something that
actually sits a lot lower so you have a lot less trouble in getting 
your leg over the bike pardon the pun, but also sports bikes you knowyou're in a racing prone position where you can put a lot of weight 
on your wrists a lot of weight, a lot of tension on the joints and 
your hip and your knees that kind of thing as well so it might be a 
case you might want to just move away from that sort of
racing style. 

Now I'm not talking about elderly at retirement age 90 years old 100 years older I'm talking as we're getting into middle-age and
then moving on it really depends on your body type as well as a 
general rule regardless of how old you are you need to find a bike 
that fits you fits your physical frame. Now you could be a tall 
person or you a short person are you're middle height. What what is 
your arm reach what is the length of your legs that kind of thing.

We are all, we are all beautiful people and we are all different 
shapes and sizes so to be able to control a motorcycle effectively weneed to be able to operate it effectively, we need to be able to fit that motorcycle or the motorcycle needs to fit us whichever way
you want to look at it so you know it's our physical ability to reachall the controls you know are we comfortable on the bike can we get 
on can we get off, can we rescue the bike if let's say you know we'restopping as a set of traffic lights and all of a sudden the bike
wants to lean over do we have the physical strength to stop it 
leaning over do we have the physical strength to pick the bike up youonce it's falling over. 

If ever that happens, hopefully that will never happen but
depending on the riding environment that might be a reality if you goriding off-road on muddy tracks on trails in the ruts that kind of 
thing, over rocky terrain you know you're really challenging yoursel
and the bike at some point you will drop the bike you know it's 
inevitable so and do you have the physical capability to lift it up 
so we're not talking just about elderly people here we're talking 
about all ages and the physical capability to be able to operate the motorcycle properly in whichever environment you're riding here
and also to be able to pick up if you need to. 

Now it doesn't mean that let's say you can't pick up your motorcycle
off the ground that you shouldn't be riding it you know I'm not 
saying that at all but this is something that you might want to 
consider so let's say for example well how can elderly people
carry on riding motorcycles into their later life? Okay so here's 
some tips that you might want to consider as you're getting older or anytime you actually go riding on a motorcycle you know
whether you are fit to ride so as we get older we really need to 
start analyzing our suitability to ride motorcycles. 

So I always use this IMSAFE acronym which is
I - stands for illness are you suffering from any illness that will 
affect your ability to ride a motorcycle. I'm not talking about 
having a cold or something like that. I'm talking about something 
that's quite serious that will affect your ability to control your
balance your vision your hearing that kind of thing.

M - stands for medication are you taking, any medication I'm not 
talking about a paracetamol or a...tonic or anything like that 
I'm talking about something that will affect your ability to registerfor perception for your balance that kind of thing. 

S - are you under severe stress at the moment that actually is 
affecting the way you're thinking about things the way you're 
rationalizing how you're making decisions and judgments 

A - are you under the influence of alcohol that's very key here even small amounts of alcohol will affect your body's ability to
control the motorcycle and make the right decisions at the right time

F - fatigue you know and we're not talking like just feeling tired 
we're talking about chronic fatigue here. Are you really that tired 
that you really shouldn't be operating any machinery let me alone 
getting on a motorcycle.

E - is the kind of emotional side of everything is there something 
going on in your life that you know you really should just not be 
driving or riding or anything like that. If you had a you know a 
tragedy in the family a death in the family have you had some 
financial worries you know whatever it is you know some emotional
issue that's going on that you really need to be off the motorcycle 

So that's in general for all ages but as you get older then you 
really need to start looking at your physical capability so this 
really comes down to keeping yourself in good health having regular 
checkups and also constantly monitoring how you're riding and your 
suitability to ride a particular style of motorcycle and also when 
you decide to go ride your motorcycle as well so let's say for
example you know we're all getting older you know I'm middle-aged nowso I do this all the time I'm looking at my physical frame my weight my mobility.

What I'm doing I always have physical exercises do stretching 
throughout the winter and also the summer just keep myself moving 
keep all the joints moving as well obviously you know we would all
like to lose a little bit the weight wouldn't we so it's also about 
managing your weight and also your health as well.

Okay so as we get older we really need to start looking at ourselves and also our physical shape or physical conditioning are we able to 
ride that motorcycle is that motorcycle suited to us so on and so 
forth so we need to look at our you know our health or general
well-being you know our physical mobility we needto keep having a bitmore exercise instead of just going out and though so try cycling try
and low-impact workouts walking you know if you've got a dog carry onwalking the dog that kind of thing do lots of stretching exercises if
you think you're not going to be riding throughout the winter months then keep yourself active in the winter keep yourself moving so when you get on your bike again in the summer you know you'll be ready forit.

Do stretching exercises and sitting down on a chair reaching out for the handlebars you know pretending you're doing so that kind of
thing you know step over the bike you know keep yourself moving 
repeatedly do exercises that mimic what you would do on a motorcycle as well so this is kind of physical conditioning obviously you
need to monitor your weight and your health and blood pressure and 
everything like that you know but that is just something you know 
that we should all be doing anyway.

So you know keep yourself in a physical condition I'm not talking 
about having to go to the gym everyday and you know
lift dumbbells and all that kind of stuff. What I'm saying is just 
keep yourself active you know walk the dog go cycling swimming 
whatever it is especially during the winter months have regular 
check-ups with the doctor with your eyesight and hearing everything
like that and if you get to the point when you think well actually I cannot ride this motorcycle because of this mobility impairments thenit's time to change the motorcycle you may want to consider as you'regetting older different times of year to ride a motorcycle and I say you might want to ride now in a warm weather as opposed to cold
weather you might want to ride out only in dry weather as opposed to wet weather you know that kind of thing so you have
to start picking and choosing when it's the right time for you to 
ride your motorcycle and then analyze is that motorcycle right for 
you in these conditions on this particular day. 

There might come a time when you think rightokay I can't right this 
type, I'm gonna have to change to another type A much lighter a much smaller bike something that's a lot easier it might even mean that 
you get down and you step down to a moped or a scooter or
something like that personally you know. I'm a big guy but I love 
scooters I think they're great machines especially in urban areas I 
think they're brilliant. They're light, they're nimble they're a stepthrough you just step through the bike as opposed to cocking your legover they're really practical I think they're brilliant machines so 
you know from my point of view yes I ride a big motorcycle and
riding all sorts of big motorcycles but I've got no problem in 
stepping down as long as I keep myself on two wheels that's I'm OK inthat regard.

So there might come a point after a while that actually you really 
can't ride a motorcycle any more or any form of motorcycle or any 
form of motorcycle with two wheels you know with a physical 
capability eyesight hearing whatever so you know if the law allows
you may have be able to go on to a three-wheeled motorcycle a trike 
or tricycle, you might even go on to a four wheeled motorcycle I'll 
say a motorcycle but a quad if you know what I mean okay there are 
lots of variations that you know you don't have to go to the
custom a bike or trike or quad scene you can get these bikes right out of the dealership now so whatever it is you can still experience 
that open to the elements kind of riding but you're not actually on amotorcycle anymore, you're on a trike or a quad and at some point
let's face it you might come to that age where you really don't feel safe on a motorcycle anymore you know you might have back issues
mobility issues you know balance issues vision issues hearing issue 
whatever it is and you just physically cannot ride anymore well if 
that's the case it's just something we all have to get on
with really. 

Now this has got nothing to do with a particular age let's say you
reach 80 years old and say I'm not allowed to ride a motorcycle 
anymore it's down to you as an individual to take care of yourself 
take care of your body of your well-being and keep yourself in 
reasonable shape you know keep yourself active especially as
you're getting older keep yourself mobile especially during those non
riding months in the winter perhaps you know just keep yourself 
active practice riding the motorcycle without actually riding it and then when you come to the spring and it gets warmer and then you
can hop on and just go for a ride and you know your you'll already bein good physical condition but it's really about analyzing yourself 
are you and be honest with yourself be really honest with yourself 
are you able to ride this motorcycle safely and still enjoy it.

lots of the work that I did in the emergency services over the years was dealing with motorcycle accidents of all descriptions of all ages but one of the key areas that I started to realize was
that after a winter break in the spring there's always a spike in 
motorcycle accidents and sometimes a lot of that was to do with the 
elderly now I'm not talking about eight years old here I'm talking 
about middle-aged onwards just having a long break getting on the 
bike and then they're not physically fit enough to be able to just 
jump on and go for a ride okay they need to build up to it so that's something that we've looked at and it is a known phenomenon so after the winter break get on the bike lots of accidents occur for
all different sorts of reasons but a contributing factor will be yourcompetency your proficiency and your physical ability to be able to 
ride the motorcycle and also to be able to perceive and register 
incoming hazards as well.

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