Stay Away Rain – How To Keep Rain Sticking To Your Visor!

Aftera gloriously dry summer, the colder weather has finally arrived in the UK however for the most part the rain has been less enthusiastic to emerge…but we all know that it is only a matter of time before the heavens opens and we all get drenched.

One of my pet hates about riding in the rain is when it doesn’t disperse from the helmet visor, which ultimately distorts your vision. You’re constantly trying to wipe off the droplets but to little effect. Youwish you had a helmet that had windscreen wipers…but you don’t.

So you end up struggling with it throughout the whole journey. However it doesn’t have to be so frustrating because I use a rain repellant on my helmets and have done so for years…whenever I remember that is.

Now, I dare say there are some very effective brands out there and some less so, however up to a point I’m sure they all do a great job. I actaully remember on a TV program many years ago called ‘Tomoorow’s World’ in which thye would discuss new inventions or the future possibilities of technology etc…and they discussed this revolutionary new wndow treatment for cars or buildings. This liquid that would enable windows to self clean…now that sounded like a brilliant idea to me.

So fast forward 40yrs and it has indeed become on one of those must have items in my garage and which I turn to on a regualr basis to help keep those pesky droplets at bay from my visor.

The repellant, when applied properly acts as a kind of barrier so that rain cannot stick to the surface and simply flys off the surface. Even in light drizzle, the effect is to pool the tiny droplets onto the visor which can easily be dispersed by turning your head across the airflow…you just watch those droplets fly off.

I cannot rate this chemical enough and it has been a lifesaver for me in many situations…both figuratively and actually. There are many brands just as good I’m sure but the point to remeber is that they are good for a couple of journeys in the rain, then it needs to be reapplied to continue to be effective.

The brand that I use is actually quite good and easy to apply also, which makes life a lot less dramatic. Sometimes you can reach the bottle instructions and it can be quite confusing what you actually need to do, well for me at least, but this one is actually simple…and I really like simple.

I’m not suggesting this is the best but it certainly works for me and enables me to keep a clear visor on those rainy days and soaking wet journeys. You may want to check t out and give it a go or even try any other brand. You won’t be disappointed. Fly away rain!

Turtle Wax Rain Repellant from Amazon or any car/motorcycle accessory shop should do the trick, check it out.



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