Everyday Victories!

In my prior guise as teacher I would often say to my students that they should learn to claim little victories in their lives and do it daily!

It is something that I have tried to do for many years myself and even in those darkest of days there can always be some good that you can turn to to make you feel just a little bit better.

I acknowledge it’s not as easy as it seems, especially when you may be on a low ebb or you are confronted or dealing with a personal catastrophe, but there are always opportunities to see something positive in a day.

It might be the smallest and seemingly insignificant thing but it could be the one thing that can save you day, mind or even your life.

I remember reading stories of holocaust survivors or prisoners of war and there was always a common thread. They would hold onto a memory or an ideal, they would find happiness and strength in the tiniest episode and they would be able to see it through to the other side with that positivity hold their hands along the way.

As I said this is not an easy task, in fact you might it impossible to do at times and we must all acknowledge that we are all different and we need different things too, but for the vast majority of people, just finding positivity in their daily lives is enough to maintain a balance in their thinking, outlook…even perspectives.

I recall having students that would come into my office, in tears and physically shaking because the were so petrified of failure or they just could not grasp a problem…so much so that it would warp their whole thinking.

However after talking with them and explaining this positive approach to perspectives, they were able to improve or at least be able to deal with their situations just a little bit better.

It could be you savour the taste of that first cup of coffee of the day or you hear your favourite song on the radio…or you catch the bus with seconds to spare…whatever it is, you need to focus on those little victories to help balance out your day.

As teacher, I am also student too and I practice this on a daily basis too, whether I’m riding my motorcycle, writing, making videos or anything else too.

I often find myself in a tricky situation when I’m riding solo on the back trails and it would be easy to let the day or the situation get in top of you, but having perspectives and grabbing onto victories helps me to cope with situations and even to motivate me to get out of sticky ones too.

Of course all of this positivity must be tempered too otherwise you would never acknowledge the areas in your life that need to be addressed however it is a useful tool in daily living…regardless of what you’re doing.

At my core I am a pragmatist and I will more often than not opt for the simple solution rather than the complicated path…if there is one of course.

I look at situations in an almost binary fashion and make rapid fire decisions based upon the situation presented before me or which in unfolding ahead. On the dirt trails, riding motorcycle, you are making these split second decisions all the time and it rarely goes all to plan but you need to find a way to put the negatives in the back burner or approach them in a matter of fact way. You either address them or turn away from them but you don’t let them get on top of you either.

Perhaps my sunny disposition would make you think I am always happy, which certainly isn’t the case, however I am an optimistic and I do not let the negativity get to me either. I do this by looking for little victories everyday and it works for me as I hope it will continue to do so this next week as I venture out into the mountain for a week of exploring trails.

Perhaps it might help you too.

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