Climb Every Mountain!

So, in just a few days I’ll be heading out to the mountains in Italy to go seek adventure and more donkey trails. I’ll be taking the cameras and making videos for the YouTube channel too but my focus is really to go and explore many of the mountain trails that may or may not still be in existence.

I know the area very well as having visited there since I was a child, however my excursions were limited to the local area. However a few years ago I managed to get hold of detailed topographical maps of the area and even managed to drive to the top of one of the mountains on an old rocky road.

In truth myself and a local pal should never have been able to make it up there, but we both had a desire to see how far we could get before being forced to turn back. However there is one massive stumbling block to my plans then as they are now…Earthquakes!

Yes, the area has a history or earthquakes and tremors which means that there are frequent landslides too. Roads or trails can get blocked or even disintegrate within a few seconds and a pass that was open yesterday can be blocked today.

I have planned a route, which if passable should take me a day to go ride or drive but maybe 3-4 days on foot. I have tried to get hold of motorcycles in the local area before but have been let down by local dealers in the past. I have even ventured to buying a local bike just for the trips…but in truth the best option might even be to take a bike down there from the UK and ride it there…it’s just easier to cut through the red tape that way and also…if you’ve ever been to rural areas in foreign lands…it’s sometimes a lot easier to keep your plans to yourself. Otherwise every man and his dog will venture out to offer their best solution to a problem and it especially attracts those with no expertise in the field either.

One other stumbling block may indeed be the weather when I get there. It’s hardly Everest but it’s a few thousand feet above sea level and enough to cover the caps in deep snow. So the rocky roads or narrow twisting donkey trails soon become slippery death traps or impenetrable drifts.

The great aspect of this new adventure is that I’m not quite sure how it will work out until I actually get there. It’s one of those places where the locals are not geared up for anyone wishing to do something different and the motorcycle dealers in the surrounding area for miles and miles do not even offer any kind of rental process…so it’ll be a land on, make a plan, then go for it if I can.

Suffice to say that the mountains are calling me and I can’t wait to get there regardless of how high up I get, I’m sure to be loving every moment of it and especially exploring lots of areas that are off the tourist map…just the way I like it.

My blogs and videos will start from Monday next week…so check those out.

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