Solace and tranquility!

There are many superlatives associated with riding motorcycles but few would ever consider it to be peaceful although it might be relaxing for some.

I often get out into the back road and trails, and end up in a little piece of heaven and far from the hubbub of modern life.

I am constantly astounded and even enthralled by the golden silence I encounter. The peace and tranquility of places that even I am disturbing with the sound of my engine but once I turn it off, it always floods my senses.

Whether it’s by the coast or on top of a mountain, in the open plains or in the middle of the forest…when all is quiet apart from the sound of nature, then it’s as if you have found that perfect place to experience peace of earth.

You feel it in you soul and in you bones. You just can’t help but be taken aback by it. Yes, I know this all sounds like a bit of romantic and poetic nonsense, but it really is something to treasure.

I suppose we all have different experiences whenever we’re out riding, but I tend to notice these things more, the more info out solo riding and especially when I’m out deep into the countryside and away from other people.

Some people crave isolation and would find this situation the perfect solution to fulfil their wishes, however I appreciate solitude but do not crave any Permanence within it either.

Having a bit of all worlds helps to keep most of us in balance but certainly being out in the wilds and getting in tune with nature can be very appealing…if only for a few hours at least.

Perhaps we all need this in our lives. Maybe this modern world or ours is also failing us too. Of course the technology we have today is designed to enrich our lives but the simple pleasures from ordinary things cannot and shouldn’t ever be underestimated either.

At our core we are people who have a connection with the world around us, albeit most have forgotten what that connection is.

We are not Inuits, Native Americans or Aborigines…but perhaps we should look back even just a little and attempt to reconnect with the environment around us.

It may help improve the world in which we live but it will undoubtedly help our sense of well being. That is why I crave my daily visits to the fringes and to seek out the solace of isolation and the tranquility within it. It is a vehicle to allow me to unhook myself from the world, if only for a little while. To forget the pressures and stress, the demands and the soul takers…giving me the amperage to recharge my battery…ready to face another day.

Perhaps this should become part of our daily routine but certainly for me it has become big player in my decision making and the kinds of places in which I ride, the sights I wish to see and the sounds I yearn to hear.

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