Other people’s trash!

You know you’re having a bad day when you start to pick up on the slightest little thing. You know, those annoying little traits of people that you hang out with or regularly meet.

Now, I am by no means the epitome of perfection, far from it…however there are certain things that I make sure I never do.

So I was caught short on the bike the other day and needed to go into some public toilets for some light relief. No problem until I went into the cubicle and noted what some disgusting scrote had left behind in the toilet and on the floor.

Why do people feel the need to do such things and why not clean up after themselves, I’ll never know! However, I was forced to do my business as best I could but even after a flush the remnants of the previous patron were hard to shift.

Now this wouldn’t ordinarily hack me off but as I exited the cubicle, there was another chap waiting to go in. Yes you’ve guessed it, as soon as he entered he let out a sigh of disgust and muttered…”You could’ve cleaned up after yourself!”

Herein lies the problem. This chap thought it was of my doing and no amount of proclamation of innocence would ever change his mind.

So that set me off on a journey of discovery and analysing anything and anyone whom I would come into contact with for the rest of the day. Were they a nose picker, chin grater, private parts flicker…and would they do anything that I could be blamed for too.

The more you look for things the more they are there staring back at you, to the point where I just had to stop myself from launching at someone for doing some other trivial annoying thing too.

There are many things in this world that hack me off but this notion of leaving crap…literally and figuratively speaking, behind and not cleaning up after yourself really does spoil my day.

I can be out on a trail somewhere in the back and beyond, and come across some discarded litter or somebody has decided to fly tip their stuff out of plain sight. I could be on a track and have to turn back because some ingrate has dumped a load of rubble or I could witness a litter lout doing their worst when there is a bun not 10 feet away.

I recently watched a TV program about the amount of plastic in the oceans and it’s impact on the wildlife. The sad truth was that I wasn’t surprised at all as I see this quite a lot in the trails already on near the waterways where I ride.

People might think it’s only a little bit of littering or it’s only one small plastic bottle, but the cumulative effect over a period of time is astoundingly bad.

I’m not even sure whether education would work on some of these people either as there appears to be a generational divide now and people just do not seem to care anymore.

I am a great believer that all people are custodians of the land and sea irrespective of whether we own it or not. We cannot simply forget about it and let someone else clean up after us, whether it’s at home, in the work place or out in the countryside or in far flung lands.

It is up to us all to wipe our own arses and leave this earth in a better state than which we found it. Whilst I am by no means an environmentalist or a purveyor of any green issues propaganda, I do get annoyed that people can be so lazy and disgustingly dirty at the same time.

Clean it up or clear out. That is all!

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