You only had one job!

Do you ever have those days when no matter what your best intentions are…the plan just goes to rat shit? Well that was me yesterday and whilst I had a great ride out on some trails and was able to take in some stunning scenery…I forgot to turn on the camera and so recorded absolutely zilch.

I suppose I was too excited as my replacement action camera had arrived in the post that very day. I had checked it all over and it was working. I set it up on the helmet…even attached the microphone and did a test recording to be sure. All was well…or so I thought.

The idea was to record my whole journey as a test but then record a show for the Biker’s Travelog series on the YouTube account. I thought I had pressed the button but I didn’t make sure the red light was flashing…the tell tale sign that it was.

So I arrived at my lookout point on top of the hills with a glorious view over the valley floor. It was overcast but the sun was attempting to break through the overcast sky and shed spot lights on the ground. The wind had picked up and I knew it would play havoc with the audio quality…but I was confident that my set up was do me well.

I commenced with amazing riding vistas before commencing my biking monologue on the virtues of first time riding off road and the kinds of hard fall trails that would be ideal. I stopped a handful of times to get different views, spoke to the camera more than twice, discussed the hard trails and the gravel surface…I was in my element, I was the presenter of my very own travel show and it was all ripe for editing when I got back.

I decided to leave the camera running and record the rest of the journey too. Perhaps I could slip in a couple of clips for good measure, but it was only when I got home did I go to take the camera off the helmet, did I realise that it had never started to record in the first place….BUGGER!

The perfect moment, the perfect show with the great backdrop was lost for all time…well certainly so until I could get there again, but when that will be I do not know.

So the camera was never tested, the show was never filmed and all because I never pressed the bloody button on top of the camera. I feel like a total fool, a failure and a bloody amateur…which of course I truly am but I like to fool myself into thinking I act like a pro.

I hope not to repeat this anytime soon, but I’m sure there will be another but let us pray it’s nothing that cannot be filmed over. I learnt a valuable lesson yesterday and that was patience and not to get over excited at the prospect of using new kit…trouble is I just can’t help myself.

Oh Well, onto the next ride, the new trail and another filming adventure on my bike. Onwards!


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