Going Exploring on a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle means different things to different people, however one of the main attractions for me is to use my bike to get to me into different places that I couldn’t necessarily get to in a car or rather wouldn’t want to.

Of course there are the usual superlatives associated with riding bikes but I tend to use mine more and more to go exploring the backroads and dirt trails, to see what I can find or even unearth.

Very recently I hooked up to geocaching to go on treasure hunts with my son, but it’s also great fun to do on your bike if you’re at a loss what to do for a couple of hours. However, I take the notion of geocaching and apply it to much of my riding destinations. I search over maps on a daily basis looking for interesting things that I might wish to see. I look to see if there is anything on Google Earth that might grab my attention too, however some of the most interesting sites, I have merely stumbled onto.

It would be convenient to claim that I’m out on some National Treasure breadcrumb trail, however it is much more simple than that and possibly not even a fascination for many other. But, the fact that I’m on my bike, and it’s off road more than makes up for the final destination which I hope to arrive at.

The great thing about exploring is that you can do it with friends and family, but easily do it by yourself too. It stops you merely riding to the same old hang outs and makes to get out and see another world that i right on your doorstep.

When people talk about Adventure Riding, you’ve got to ask yourself what does that actually mean? Because it signifies different meanings in the mindset of the intrepid rider. Does it mean getting your bike on any old dirt trail that takes you away from civilisation for half a day…or does it mean that you’re off on the grand tour around Europe, America, Africa…or anywhere else that you might fancy?

Surely going on an adventure should mean that you’re experiencing something new, whether it’s on dirt or the black stuff…so perhaps that’s the perfect place to start. Deciding to go somewhere new and see things for the first time is the absolute purpose of exploring…regardless of what you might find.

I’ve ridden all sorts of motorcycles for the best part of my life, and much of that has been on the dirt…but I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself an ‘adventure rider’, moreover anyone who would like to be shaped into that particular mould. I simply like to go out and explore whatever is around me…I am a motorcycle explorer.


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