The wood for the trees!

I have mnay aspirations still in my life but the goal of being the next great filmmaker is on hold whilst I figure out how and when I can get a new action camera for my bike. In the early days it was easy. I took an old instamatic cine camera and duck taped it to the bike so that I could film myself jumping over anything I could find to jump over.

Then, I got super high tech and duck taped a Handycam to my bike but was able to get HD quality footage on the MiniDV cassettes…ah those were the days! Questionable quality, lots of vibrations, crashing wind noise and editing that seemed to take an age.

Thereafter I tried various crappy action cameras, spy cameras and sports bullet lenses but either the images were grainy…but not on purpose, or the sound was truly atrocious. It wasn’t until I found my action cam that I really got the quality and sound that I really wanted.

So a few years later and the old girl finally gave up the ghost…pardon the pun but my Drift HD Ghost lots its battle with life and decided to leave me. In truth I can hardly blame it…it had been a faithful servant and had travelled both near and far in polar extremes and searing days…in flying dust, muddy tracks, flooded rivers and drifting snow. But the knocks and bruises it sustained finally took its toll, and it could resist the inevitable end no more.

So now I am without camera and all filming has ceased until I can get a new one. However I have a dilemma…do I go for the brand new model or do I go with the tried and tested? Decisions Decisions!

Fortunately I have recently been doing some filming with professional cameramen and have been picking their brains about frame rates, exposure and lenses etc. Suffice to say it is a mindfield for the ill informed but I think I can still get the quality I need from the kind of camera that I love to use and is perfect for motorcycle use…so I am force to trawl through online listings to see if I can find a good used one…hopefully that will be done shortly.

So in the meantime, I have changed tack and am back to making video clips with the iPhone and the tripod. Now I love the forest tracks and the light this week has been amazingly clear too, so it was a no brainer to get out there and shoot.

Whilst I do a lot of face to camera pieces, and of course lots of POV shooting, I rarely take footage of me and bike riding around, but I thought I’d try it out today and whilst the clips were great, it was still strange to be on film riding my bike and trying not to slip over on the mud.

So although I am camera-less at the moment, I am still making videos for the YouTube channel and still riding different trails everyday. It’s a great opportunity to experiment with different ways of filming the rides and the places I see that are just in my backyard.

Although the king is dead, there will be a new king on the throne shortly, but in the meantime there are still daily videos being published as I have scheduled weekly videos up until January and daily one until November, so that will give me lots of time to get my act together and hopefully before my trip to Southern Italy to travel around the mountains and to film for more Biker’s Travelog videos.

Initially I was filled with dread and panic when the camera died but now I’ve have the chance to calm down, I see it as an opportunity to embark on a new adventure in biking filming. Onwards I Travel! Onwards to new horizons, now that I can see where I should be and the wood for the trees.

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