Sunshine Trails

I awoke this morning to a glorious blue sky and bright sunshine. I hadn’t planned to go for a ride because I had some very tedious things to attend to, however after a stroll around theirs the hound, I couldn’t resist the pull of those dirt trails calling me.

I always have a bank of new trails in my gps just ready to be explored on a whim, and today was no different. I new I wanted to go catch up with a pal in the afternoon so I headed in that general direction to see what I could find…and what a blessing it turned out to be.

There had been a lot of rain the last few days so I knew the trails would be muddy. I am coming to the stage where I’ll start riding on the more compacted trails in the winter months S I don’t want to leave a footprint of my trails, nor do I want to create unnecessary ruts all over the place.

My first track took me down and up some very steep hills with lots of mud and loose gravel, stones and rocks. My best intentions to leave no trace of my existence were short lived however, as I had to commit to the task of getting the beastie to the other side.

Every turn was a new set of conditions and the bright sunshine streaming through the trees made it difficult at times to see the trail ahead. There were flat farm tracks which turned into rutted trails hidden by grass, in the blink of an eye.

Hard core was replaced by clay mud then wet sand then back to mud within a few metres and all the while I’m looking at my mapping wondering whether I was on the right trails.

There is something special about riding out on a bright day with a clear sky. It was a chilly start to the morning but soon warmed up nicely as I hit the trails.

When I eventually broke free of the forest tracks, I was then riding into open countryside and farm tracks that seemed to have no end. One led to another, to one more and then another…without a soul in sight for seemingly miles.

After bagging a set of four new trails today, I headed back home with the sun still on my face and safe in the knowledge that these sunshine trails had been conquered.

There were a couple of whoops moments and a couple of times when sheer willpower and horsepower got me through, but all in all it was another great ride with some technical challenges thrown into the mix just to keep me on my toes.

I hope to repeat again tomorrow!

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