To Every Season…

As I’ve got older I tend to be less inclined to follow any kind of new music…that’s just the way it is with us old folks. However, we do tend to cling onto the old classics and I often find myself humming away to a tune when I’m out riding.

Strangely, a song my simply pop into my head as I note something in the environment or with the weather. Whether the song is specifically related to what I’m seeing is hardly relevant but it does happen with alarming regularity. However, I suffer the same affliction as most non singer types in that my riding voice is best heard with the muffling effect of a face scarf and helmet.

This morning as I was up at 5am, I sneaked a peek out of the window and it had been raining for a while, but it had settled into a mild drizzle. That would mean a damp ride into work and a visor accumulating water droplets with vigour. I did, all for a split second, contemplate ditching the bike in favour of the car…but that soon passed in the blink of an eye.

So as I set off, I noticed it was a lot colder than it had been the previous early mornings. It was bleak, wet…miserable and I was loving it. Yes, strange but true I do love this kind of weather but readily admit it’s not the nicest to ride in.

As I waged war with the elements, the battle was being lost with my boots and waterproofs which decided to leak and I could feel the unnerving moist feeling in my nether regions and feet. Not nice at silly O’Clock in the morning, but that was soon put to the back of my mind as I thought, “Blimey, the season is changing now!” And just like a flash I started humming a tune by the Byrds; ‘Turn! Turn! Turn!’

Now, as I will admit, I do not have a great singing voice, but I do love an old classic tune…and that’s about all I can ever remember of them as well. Yes, I can launch into the opening verse of recite the chorus…but then the words quickly fade into mumblings and then back into a hum. I find myself just repeating the same chorus over and over again until I get fed up and try to think of something else.

The only problem is that the song is now lodged in my brain and will not budge, not for man nor beast. So I ended up riding the rest of the 15miles, over the deserted hills in the dark with rain of increasing intensity and singing this song like a broken record.

Singing is supposed to cheer the soul and rouse the spirits but it just ended up pissing me off even more as I wished I could remember the lyrics or more of the tune other than the bloody chorus.

“To Every Season…Turn! Turn! Turn!” …Repeat – Repeat – Repeat!

Eventually I came over the last brow of the final hill and could see the long stretch to my destination. I had descended out of the cloud like a fighter pilot swooping down onto enemy prey (OK, possibly not). The rain was falling hard, my waterproofs were barely holding out, I was hoping the abundance of water was giving my bike a well earned wash after my recent muddy trail rides…and when I arrived and got off the bike…I looked down and the mud was still there. Sticking like glue, resistant to the hydrating massage of the wet roads but the bike was now covered in a film of road crud and I was a dripping example of a moist rodent!

After the undressing took place and trying to find somewhere to hang the clothes to dry out (Yeah! Have Luck with That!) I found this song still was playing in my head…so as I got into my office before the pre work coffee I looked up the song on YouTube. And there it was…’Turn! Turn! Turn!’ by the Byrds…which I readily played but no sooner had I done so I realised that I’d got the bloody words wrong too.

“To Everything…Turn Turn Turn

There is a season…Turn Turn Turn”

This is how it should’ve been sung. Oh well, perhaps one day I’ll learn the actual song, but for now more drying out is required and planning for the next adventure ride…possibly into the high mountains in foreign lands. Stay tuned for more!


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