The Captain’s Positive Mental Attitude!

The Captain’s Positive Mental Attitude! Published 16/09/18 on Irons United

Today is P.M.A. Day! It is time for the fans to send out positive thoughts and for the players to shed the woes of the past four games. Today is the day that the season starts for the Hammers and this is where they begin the long crawl back up the table.

Mark Noble has urged the players to do better and be more committed, something that the fans have been calling for of late. There is a need to go out onto the Goodison Park field and play like rabid dogs, not give an inch of space or a second to breathe. This is the time to suffocate the opponents until they wilt in front of their home crowd…This is the time that the blue noses get blooded red…and the claret and blue wave carries the faithful home with a cheer and their souls restored.

If ever there was a time for a rousing speech from our Captain, then today is the day…whether he features or not! The team is in desperate need of leadership and direction once they cross that white line. Pellegrini has of course been working them hard in training all week along with his coaching staff. They have not abandoned their path but surely they have had to take a step back to reevaluate where they are and what they must do to come away with the points or at least a share of them.

There have been many negatives already this season, but there have also been some positives to cling onto, albeit nothing that would lend favourable odds on any wager. The performance against Arsenal was much better than anyone had anticipated, whilst the Bournemouth and Wolves games were lost in the margins rather than in the gaping voids that many would have us believe there is between the sides.

On another day, the Arsenal game could have given West Ham their first points or even a win. The Bournemouth and Wolves games were performance lows, however there were still chances created but were simply not put away with any conviction…but at least there were chances…perhaps it is only a matter of time before those are not squandered and now become converted?

As a club and as a fanbase, it is easy to become disillusioned with the string of results that would see us as the Iron Men, propping up the rest of the table, however there are only very few points that would drag the team out of the bottom three and back into the fight. However, it is the fight that the players must yearn for and not shy away from now.

The team and the fans need the heroes to be heroic and stoic…and not stand around like pampered pooches. The workers must remove their shackles and get down and dirty, whilst the creative must open their minds and bodies,,,and let the passes and shots flow easily and swiftly.

The team cannot face off against Everton with the notion that they must not lose. They must go with chests puffed out and be ready for a tough day in the sun, although knowing that their endeavours will bring home the spoils of victory. Yes, it is about confidence! Yes, it is about application! But more than anything else, it is about the desire to never give up and never back down.

Pellegrini must have a game plan in mind that would take the game to the hosts but not be so naive to think that the West Ham defences can withstand a continuous barrage without yielding. He really must decide what his tactics should be in this game and how they may need to be modified if the game does not go his way.

There has to be a plan A, that dominates the midfield and exploits the wings. Enables quantity and quality crosses into the box that encourages willing runners to latch onto half chances. However, there also has to be that plan B, that would consolidate position and score line until the final whistle blows. To be compact and resolute in defence…to hold the midfield shape to protect the back line…and would send willing runners in counter attack should opportunity strike.

There has to be a will to do whatever it takes to get this season started. To show the travelling support that all is not lost and draw the line in the sand. To demonstrate to all of the West Ham fans in the land and from overseas that the new era is upon us. It might have taken a while to get started…but it is here now…and whilst the Hammers’s fans may begin to rejoice…the other clubs should be aware of this new wave that brings an unrelenting spirit and the tools to overcome each and every battle.

Can Pellegrini and the Iron Men do what is required today at Everton? Of course they can! If they believe in themselves and play as a unit, not as a set of individuals…then there is always a chance that points can be earned. Today is not about the win, draw or loss. It is about points, performance and being led by the Captain’s positive mental attitude.

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