Hammered Dali and the melting Irons clocks

Hammered Dali and the melting Irons clocks Published 15/08/18 on Irons United


Is it judgement day already? Have we already reached a point in this season when we have lost patience and are expecting this collection of hammers to fall? Absolutely not, however there has to be positive changes for the game against Bournemouth this Saturday and Pellegrini must address the defensive fragilities that are obviously still evident in our play.

Is Pellegrini up to the task however? Surely his credentials speak for themselves, but in the game against Liverpool…he and his coaching staff looked vacant as they sat on the pews and gazed upon the field of open play whilst witnessing their grand plan fall way short. We were all expecting a decent battle at Anfield but perhaps not so naive to think we could come away victorious…however this coming Saturday at 3pm…the fight would be right and the vision of a rampant West Ham would be a welcome sight indeed.

We have been forced to come to terms with the notion that we are nowhere near as good as we think we should be right now. Liverpool showed us up for what we are…but they will undoubtedly show up many other teams in the same fashion. West Ham are yet to be any sum of their collected parts…but how long will it really take for the fans to see this bright light shine at the end of the tunnel?

Fans have repeatedly stated over the last few seasons that our main battle in the league is against the also rans. Those teams out of the top six who would be comparable to us on any given Saturday, Sunday or Monday…however, these are the same teams that we should be beating too. Pound for pound…we are better equipped to take these types of teams apart…but football is never so simple and the fortune of the brave, diligent and those that persevere is usually a match for any opponent graced with a flavouring of flair and any muttering of ambition.

This is the conundrum that Pellegrini must deliberate over in the next couple of days. Which pawns must he sacrifice and which should be brought to the front lines to face off against a team who are buoyant after their opening round victory over Cardiff? Will he be rigid in his commitment to a system of play that failed so royally last weekend or will he conjure up a new battle plan to face off against the minnows of the league? 

Fortunately we host our opponents at the London Stadium…and we can aid our own recovery with a show of unified strength and a cacophony of noise generated from the roar of an entertained crowd. We band of claret and blue brothers and sisters can raise the roof to meet assisting cirrus clouds…to rain ice pellets down upon any southern shoreline fires. We can play our part, but the team must play theirs…and Pellegrini must plot a bloody revenge upon the doubting Thomases whilst the players surely harmonise and strike with furious efficiency!

Like the master painter, the manager must demonstrate his genius upon this green canvas that we all gaze upon with dream like trances. We must have faith that the disappointment we all felt in the opening game was a mere blip on the ECG trace…and a normal sinus rhythm will resume at the earliest opportunity.

There were great lessons learnt in the previous encounter and with the passage of a week…more alternatives will present themselves for our floppy grey haired Dracula. There will be personnel changes in key positions and the defensive resilience is one area that must be addressed…however all parties know that the team must play on the front foot and take the game to Bournemouth. The fangs are out, saliva is dripping from our mouths…we are baying for blood, we want glorious victory and the jangling nerves should be tamed whilst the whispering dissenters must be appeased.

We would be fools to think that this Rome can be built in a matter of a few weeks, however we should see the fruits of their labour in the very near future. The club have brought in talented players that can create opportunities and carve out goals from the advancing midfield. What remains now is for the midfield to dominate possession and orchestrate advances in order for Hernandez, Arnautovic and any able debutant…to pounce upon any sniff and fire home.

Pellegrini, may be the quiet gentleman of football and may be sedentary on the touchline but he must rule with an iron fist behind the scenes and be unflinching in his just cause to bring the heady days back to our corner of the globe. The squad has quality in depth now and the players are all able to fulfil roles of marshal, guardian and sniper. Pellegrini has chosen well and the club have committed themselves to bring in players to support this newly energised quest..to be a top club in the land and to venture onto European travels.

However this managerial maestro is already the hammered Dali whom others may already scoff for they do not recognise his mastery of the balling brushstrokes. The Irons were made to appear as melting clocks in the midday sun as the heat rose and the fire intensified against them. However, that was then and this Saturday is another bare canvas upon which to add colour and frame our season going forward. Pellegrini has an opportunity to wow the home crowd with his offensive strokes whilst the players can demonstrate the mastery of his wishes. 

Perhaps we are still too expectant. Perhaps we should settle for any positive result at this stage…any hard fought battle that does not end in defeat is a victory in another language. It is one more charge in a long war! We hope and we pray for the finest claret and the repelling of demoralising blues…we expect a test of our might and a resolve to match in return…we desire success in the final third and a winning result would be an outcome most fine!


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