The West Ham Devils and the Pellegrini Details!

The West Ham Devils and the Pellegrini Details! Published 07/08/18 on Irons United

“Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea, For the Devil sends the beast with wrath, Because he knows the time is short. Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast, For it is a human number…Its number is Six hundred and sixty six” Iron Maiden

Welcome back to the new season…welcome back to the trials and tribulations of being a West Ham fan…and welcome back to more underhand goings on from the West Ham board. But wait…something strange has happened to the Hammers faithful this summer. Something ambitious and inspiring has happened to our club and we’re still rubbing our eyes in disbelief.

The board have opened their dusty wallet and have gone about their business in a quite orderly fashion whilst other clubs are still scrambling around trying to fit round pegs in square holes. However, whilst it is a very exciting time to be a West Ham fan, we surely must never forget the last two years in which they have attracted such vilification…and hence why I am rather muted in my praise, but even I concede to be looking forward to the new season like a child’s tastebuds tickles when about to munch down on some confectionary.

I was heavily critical of the club towards the end of last season, as most fans were. However I urged them to make good the transfer signings this summer and be prepared well in advance for the season ahead. Well, they obviously heard my battle cry and proceeded in a professional manner to firstly appoint a very good new manager, then follow that up with the appointment of the director of football…finally, then the signings started to flood in and the Pellegrini got his backroom staff sorted out quickly too.

This is almost unheard of in the modern era of West Ham United. As the faithful began to salivate in anticipation, I too became more interested in the pre season preparations…more so than in any other year I readily admit. The board have pulled a master stroke in appointing Pellegrini and he has pulled a master stroke in convincing them to spend big this season and totally renew a squad that has been struggling for a couple of years.

Whilst many fans will be praising themselves for applying pressure on the board, in the form of protests and pitch invasions, to make good on promises past…this may have been their plan all along. Reports suggest that Pellegrini had been courted for several months hence why Moyes was only given the temporary contract and the signings in January were…well simply poor as a result. However once again it was the reckless and poor communication from the club that has been a contributing factor to the malaise surrounding the stadium, the squad performances and the fan experiences. If only they had told us what the grand plan was…if only they would have comported themselves more professionally…if only by the grace of the saints did we survive relegation last season and are now able to face the new Premier League season with optimistic spirit.

As Pellegrini took up his post, he readily identified where the club had been going wrong all this time. One can imagine Sullivan and Gold smiling through gritted teeth as Pellegrini handed his target list to Husillos who in turn held out his ‘gimme the money’ gesturing hand to the board. The new boss has also realised that Rush Green is not fit for his purpose as it currently stands…so work is already in progress to address these issues. Details! Details! Details!

The pre season has once again been another work in progress, with fitness being key! New players are having to adjust to the new West Ham Way and the whole squad are buying into the Pellegrini system and formations. We can expect a solid build from the defensive line and move the ball forward; accurately and quickly to cause havoc in the opponent’s defence. This is where we have struggled for two seasons…the transitions from defence to midfield and attack in the final third, however the work in progress during the pre season friendlies appears to be paying dividends.

Most of the players that have featured have impressed the manager and the fans alike. Arnautovic has been knocking in goals for fun, Noble has been solid…mostly in a more reserved midfield role…but Snodgrass has not let himself down either. The new recruits have grown into their roles too. Balbuena and Diop have been stellar in the rear guard whilst Anderson and Yarmolenko have shown some fine moments too. Wilshere has demonstrated qualities that we have been lacking in a couple of seasons and now we have strength in depth almost all over the squad…even with Fabianski in goal.

Of course, Pellegrini has been scrutinising every ball, each play and all players during this period. some have already gone, some are likely to not feature at all…but others will hold permanent footing in the first team squad and wait in readiness for the opening fixture Sunday coming against Liverpool at Anfield.

Whilst most of the faithful would be more than content with the business that has been done this summer and the manner in which it has been done…and hopes will be elevated…man and boy will be dreaming and expectations will be somewhat unrealistically raised…we have to concede that the West Ham we are about to watch is a virtual new entity…unknown quantity and relative strangers to each other.

I shall be standing shoulder to shoulder with my fellow Hammers’ fans, hoping that the squad can deliver a committed performance throughout the whole season and can generate more positive results than negative. Will we beat Liverpool away? Possibly…probably not…unlikely! However, if we can build on a strong defence and be successful in the final third then regardless of the result…the continuing work in progress will be a positive start to the season. 

Perhaps it will take a few games for us all to fully appreciate what Pellegrini has built at our club. It will take time for the players to gel together and play with an unconditional understanding of each other…however, the quality within our ranks now are second to none. If they can play to their potential and as an effective unit…then the West Ham Devils will be kept fat and quiet and the Pellegrini success will be founded upon his attention to the details.


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