Hurling Abuse! The Brexit Politicians Way!

Hurling Abuse! The Brexit Politicians Way!

I am not prone to politicising issues not am I generally enamoured with politicians and the political process, however I do despair with the farce that the Brexit issue has become.

I find it incredible that we are nearly two years down the road and the process to leave the EU is in chaos, the government is being shaken to the foundations, ministers are being replaced and the rest of Europe are looking on and wondering what the hell we’re playing at.

One of the big issues here is that many people simply do not agree with the referendum result and will do all they can to destabilise the process and have their voices heard in the hope that somehow the whole Brexit saga will simply go away and never return.

In this country…we live in a democracy, so that every adult has a vote, everyone can have their say and ‘the collective…WE’ can decide in which direction this country should go in. Politicians will say many things to get you and I to agree with them so that we vote for them in a general or local election…then we hope that they come good with their manifesto claims…but rarely is that ever the case!

The great debate is whether the information you are being given is correct? Is it valuable enough to make an informed decision and are you voting in the right person or the best political party that will make all of our lives better? Well in depends on which side of the political fence you sit on, but suffice to say behind the smoke and mirrors…there is little to choose from those who would promise much but deliver little.

During the run up to the Brexit referendum, the news was filled with misinformation from both sides…the Brexiteers and the Remainers. Both were peddling the armageddon prophecy, the doomsday scenarios and the highs & lows of sticking or twisting. In short we were all lied to at some level and to a certain degree…so how could we ever make an informed decision?

However…and this is the vital point here. The referendum was allowed to take place, presumably because then Prime Minister; David Cameron never imagined that the Brexiteers would win…indeed he and the rest of the government had totally misunderstood the general divide in the country and the issues that most people were concerned about.

Regardless of the motives to run the referendum and irrespective of the misinformation that people were force fed…in the end the everyday voter had to make a personal choice on the information they had…or even with a gut feeling…and voted to stay or to leave.

Well the result is in the history records now, the country voted narrowly in favour to leave. The process was democratic and it was just…whether we agreed with the result or not. The next few days were a whirlwind as Cameron resigned…the Tories voted in Theresa May as the new PM…and new cabinet was formed with he likes of David Davies and Boris Johnson in prominent positions to lead the Brexit strategy.

Whilst the rest of the country were left either vindicated or vitriolic…whilst the news media dissected the campaigns and the aftermath, whilst the losers who voted to remain banged fists on sainted drums…the government were shell shocked and almost clueless what to do next…because nobody really expected this to happen.

So, jump forward to the present day, two years on and we’re still arguing about the campaign. We’re still fighting whether to accept the result or to run another vote. People are hurling abuse at each other and both sides would point the finger at the other and condemn them for their views. If the country was not divided before…it certainly is now!

The whole affair has been a wash of despicable actions and lies…however democracy was true to its word…it has been the only element of this sordid period that has stood firm, faced with sincerity and remains unchallenged. This does not mean that anyone need necessarily approve of this type of democracy…but it is what we have. It gave us the result that just over half of the electorate, which voted, wanted to leave. We cannot have another vote because that undermines the notion of democracy. We cannot jeopardise our futures by attempting to derail the process to leave now and we cannot continue to paint an apocalyptic picture of something we know nothing about.

The truth here is that we should have never underestimated the political process and the will of democracy! We tested it to our peril and it delivered its own verdict. For those who voted to leave…their faith in the system was somewhat restored. For those who voted to stay either accepted the decision or have acted like spoilt children.

Politicians have a duty of care which they have failed to deliver for many years, hence why the electorate is largely disengaged with them and their actions. The referendum proved that the view of the people is mightier than the view of the politicians and of governments too.

For those of us who voted to stay…we find ourselves in no mans land. We did not want any of this, but is it going to happen regardless. We either accept it and make best of the situation…adapt and overcome any potential changes and adversities or we throw ourselves to the ground and ball and scream to grab attention.

Here is the crux of the malaise of this country right now. There are too many people, too much in the news media and too much online that would still entertain the fight to leave or to stay. We have wasted nearly two years of this country’s life in quibbling over this and the process to leave instead of accepting democracy and making the best of whatever future we have.

Just imagine what we could have done within our country if we hadn’t been so obsessed with all of this nonsense or the bitter confrontations that have taken place. Imagine where we might be in a few years times if we continue to face off against each other and pull in different directions? Imagine where we could be if we all turn and look to the future, steady our nerves and ready ourselves for the challenges ahead.

The Brexit vote may be wrong or it may be right! Nobody can know for sure right now, but we must remain positive for the future yet to unfold and cease with the accusations and scaremongering. It’s simply time to get on with it. That is all!



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