The scourge of the holy!

The scourge of the holy!

Shall we sit ourselves upon fluffy cushions and lay down our mighty hand to reveal the only truth that anyone ever needs to know?

There are the righteous and the indignant out there amongst us all. There are those who would labour until blisters form upon leathered palm…and there are those who would self induce sores on their entitled arses!

Of course, nobody has the right to stand upon lofty mount and sneer down upon repulsive plebs, however there are those in society that just attract derogation and condemnation, for their actions bring the loudest voices.

Humanity has an odd way of acting with impunity to make things get worse, when really the advances in technology and knowledge should make us all be better than we are.

We all have our own ideas of what a down and dirty scumbag is or whom we would rather see stricken from the record but there are folk out there who would command respect without dishing it out in return. There are those who would steal, harm and con…but offer themselves as saints or who would feel victimised if ever dished out some of their own medicine. There are those of insular factions who would stand hard and brave…only to regard what is within their circle and disregard what is on the outside…but demand that their worth is sacrosanct and that of others is worthless.

I am a forgiving soul at times, but I can also be very stubborn too. I often get bitten once, but rarely twice and I am weary of people who would attempt to obscure my vision with their lanolin infused fibres. I am pragmatic, decisive and would rest upon the right with might.

However, from afar the miscreants always appear to be no better than gum stuck to the sole of your shoe, but their lives are no less important than yours and they suffer the same indignities and challenges as we all do…in their own unfathomable way. Can the gargoyles who protect the citadel and now who would look down upon the vermin below…place themselves in similar strife, sympathise or empathise? Would that be a stretch too far? Would those who would stare up to the heavens be in any better position to look at the world through another person’s eyes? I think not!

We can be wronged by so many others and we feel aggrieved and vengeful but what of the times when we wrong others…whether knowingly or not…should the aggrieved be vengeful towards us? We would hope not, we would hope we would get away with it or for it to be put down as an inadvertent error.

We are all capable of misdeeds, however, what sets the righteous apart is the intention to  do so. However the arrogance of the righteous may be as damaging and as inciteful as those who would perpetrate their crimes upon others…we all have a cross to bear!

So when the big oaf bears down upon you; sneers, growls and barks but demands submission and respect…what are you supposed to do? When the streetwise lady snarls in a self proclaimed ‘Queen Bitch’ tone…do we wilt like daisies in the midday sun? When the robber and the robber barons take what is not theres and stand tall in defiance…do we not challenge…do we not protest…do we not take back what is rightfully ours?

I walk with happiness in my soul and contentment on my mind, but that does not mean I am happy or content when growled or verbally spat at! I am angered when there are those who would bully the meek and take advantage of the mild and I am less than impressed with those of grandstanding make…who seek favour from the lords of the dark world.

It matters not whom anyone represents, nor what clothes you wear or the emblems that display your belonging. You could be flying the flag for footballing territory, the back patch for a ‘devil may care’ motorcycle club…or the paint for a warring party…your actions upon the innocent determine your ultimate standing in this society and in the afterlife too.

Come upon these eyes with open palm and sincere breath…treat me as your brother and sister of humanity. Do not let your thinking be clouded by personal gain, greed and spite and expect to be treated any differently in return. We are all equally starting on this road and we all shall reach our own destinations but the journey is all that matters…for the good and the bad may reside on opposite sides of the same coin, but how we spend our wealth will be our lasting legacy.



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