The Heavens are Opening!

The Heavens are Opening!

Would you ever think it possible that people in the UK would have been doing a rain dance as and when the heavens opened over the last couple of days? There have been thunderstorms, lightning, hail stones the size of gobstoppers and people running around with beaming smiles on their faces for it isn’t dry anymore…but for how much longer?

We Brits are an odd species really. Thinking and talking about the daily weather is a national occupation, because we rarely get any consistency nor do we get prolonged periods of any particular type of weather. However the last couple of months has made us all take stock…and whilst we have enjoyed the hot sunny days and the balmy nights…most people were thinking that rain was well past due!

Whilst retailers capitalised on the sale of soft drinks, bottled non filtered volcanic spring water, sun lotion and paddling pools…the rest of us were becoming a little too comfortable in the sun and had forgotten what changeable weather we’re supposed to have.

Out on the bike on the trails this morning, dodging thunderstorms…I was given an early morning preview of what is coming our way. Thick and full black clouds..towering into the heavens and ready to unleash the force of a million cracking whips whilst dumping an ocean’s volume onto our green…well yellow and brown…and pleasant land.

The roads were littered with areas of standing water, but the dirt trails were relatively dry. No puddles to be found, no rivulets eroding the tracks into ruts and no potholes filled with brown sludge either. In fact the riding surface was better than it had been for a while. The rain had soaked into the ground with hearty abandon, the surface dampening was denying dust from being kicked up and the air was crisp and clear. No need for a face mask to block out the suspended particulate in the air that had been so apparent the last few weeks.

Of course, we are at dawn’s twilight and the rain will eventually have its say and will impose itself on our adventures soon enough. However, a notable change occurred this morning as I rode through the forests and narrowing trails. Plants that had been dying of thirst were now perking up to attention, fresh shoots were miraculously appearing and wide gaping trails were narrowing fast as if the verges and hedges suddenly realised they were alive and were required to conquer more space.

This is one of the great aspects of riding motorcycles off the beaten track. You get to experience the effects of the changing weather not only on the surface over which you ride but also at what passes around you too. As the winds pick up, the trees eventually yield to shed some branches…some even succumbing to the increasing pressure on their roots and topple over in stress. Plants thrive and wither whilst wildlife hides then scurries…gathers then abandons…stand fast or flea in panic.

Perhaps our summer is over or perhaps this wet spell is merely a blip on a glorious hot streak. Whatever it is, I shall endeavour to seek out more trails to ride and new visions to bear witness to. There is so much to see out on the dirt trails…much is usually hidden from they prying public eyes, but there is much to that is in clear view. Some regard it as mundane, but no less than fascinating to others. I shall go forth and explorer and decide for myself.


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