Fly Tippin’ Monsters!

Fly Tippin’ Monsters!


Perhaps it’s my age, perhaps it’s a disturbed youth made to scrub floors and tidy my room every five minutes…but it really destabilises my senses when I come across someone’s rubbish that has just been thrown on the side of the road, let alone when I come across a truck load of builders rubble that’s just been dumped with a total disregard for the environment and to avoid making simple trip to the tip.

I’m not fastidious about cleaning nor am I particularly house proud for that matter, but I do believe in doing the basic things right. I hate cleaning up a big mess so my tactic has always been to never let it become a big mess in the first instance…yes, I simply tidy up after myself and just throw things in the bin…Yes the bin! That cylindrical thing we keep at the house or workplace that is designed to collect rubbish, which can then be carted away for disposal.

Whenever I’m out and about either walking the dog or riding the byways on my bike, I am constantly tutting away at what I find…and it’s not nice. From kitchen cabinets, old grotty sofas, bricks and plaster, wood and fabrics, broken toys, discarded clothes, household rubbish, broken glass…blimey the list is virtually endless. So why the hell are people so bloody lazy and why does anyone think it’s a good idea to simply dump this stuff anywhere they can?

For homeowners, these days there is mandatory recycling…so most of what is seen dumped can simply be put into household rubbish bags or into recycling…or merely taking a trip to the nearest community dump to dispose of. So why are people so lame when it comes to this sort of thing?

We all know there are dodgy builders or labourers out there who will try to cut corners and save money on disposing of their rubble, but this is just greed and laziness again. There should be tougher punishments for people who fly tip or even implementing some draconian measures to deal with this sort of thing.

For years there was the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign but many seem to have forgotten what that was all about. As adults, we are not even allowed to say anything if we see children who randomly litter for fear of being accosted by a bunch of piranhas or their feral and ineffective parents…let alone the Police who tell you not to do anything. And if you do, then you’re likely to be in the wrong again or would be accused of all sorts by little scumbags and their ne’er-do-well kin.

What really hacks me off as much as seeing all of this crap laying around, is that at some point it has to be cleaned up by the council. That means that the cost to keep the area ‘clean and tidy’ goes up. Either the council tax increases to pay for it or community services are cut back in order to pay for the extra clean up process. Either way, the community ends up in a worse situation and or we’re paying more to deal with a problem that really shouldn’t be there.

Perhaps builders and labourers must provide evidence of legal disposal of their waste for each job that they undertake. Perhaps every item should have some form of digital signature which is linked to an owner. So if there is stuff that has just been dumped, then a simple scan can be performed and the perpetrator can be identified. Or perhaps people should just bloody well clean up after themselves.

So as I’m about to embark on another trail ride, spare a thought for me as I’m sure to come across more discarded rubbish. You may hear the faint sound of my ranting and swearing. You might even chuckle to yourself at the thought of someone else getting worked up over something like this, but rest assured at some point that rubbish will land on all of our doorsteps in some form or another. We will all end up paying for it to be cleaned up whilst the fly tipping gits will continue to get away with it. Perhaps karma will be righteous and just…perhaps I’ll be the one chuckling when those who do ill get their just deserts!

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