The alien invaders have gone to lunch!

The alien invaders have gone to lunch!


I’m often prone to mental wanderings as I draw a deep breath to make sense of this world of ours. Whether it’s domestic problems that never seem to go away or foreign issues that just make your skin crawl…there seems to be an absurdity around the globe that has been rampaging from year dot…and it doesn’t seem to relent either.

There are so many conflicts that are brewing, humans that do terrible things to each other or themselves. Governments steer us to oblivion and leaders that have somehow conned their way into office but really belong in an asylum. We are the lemmings that are stuck in the rut and are heading towards the edge with little hope of baling out before the big drop…but then we seem to be overly concerned about the trivial things in life and place them on high…more than they really should be.

People can be brilliant, brave, passionate and kind…but they can also be stupid, cowardly, cold and callous too. However for the most part, the everyday grid runner is merely trying to survive their day, provide for their families and eek out some joy whenever they can…but people can be herded into doing diabolical things when the sound of the masses becomes too deafening and hard to ignore. Lone voices are muted and it becomes incredibly difficult to stand tall and alone when all others are pulling in the opposite direction…towards a mutually assured destruction.

With this in mind, I often look to the stars to find some peace or some mere rest bite from the madness that surrounds us. Is there anything out there? Is there life on Mars, Neptune or P436 in the Gamma Quadrant? I often wonder if Hollywood has it right, that aliens are not that far away and will be here soon. I wonder if the portrayed doomsday scenario of a dreaded alien invasion is a certainty or will they come in peace?

However, then I look around at the mess we are making of our world and the conflicts that rage within us all. I wonder if the aliens could even be bothered to invade us or even make that first contact. To open our eyes to new ways of thinking, new technology and a universe of opportunity too? But then I imagine a group of martians sitting around a table; plotting and scheming to make their introductions. Peering into their table tablets…scrutinising our every move, analysing our methods and making their final determinations…and I wonder if they would rather just sit back and watch us destroy ourselves whilst they eat another cheese sandwich.

Martian Lieutenant: “So General Blob! We are primed to invade these earthlings! We calculate a 99% positive outcome! We will sustain some casualties but it will be a glorious victory in the end!”

General Blob: “Lieutenant, Look closer at these fools! They are likely to do more damage to each other than we could inflict upon them. Let us go for a 100yr lunch and see what the situation is then!”

Martian Lieutenant: “Perfect Sir! I believe the cook is serving cheesy mash today too”

General Blob: “Ahh, my favourite! If we’re lucky, we can catch up on our favourite TV show too whilst we’re at it. ‘Life on Earth’ Love that show!”


It’s easy to get caught up in the troubles of the world or within our own country but there is a fundamental necessity for ordinary people to just be good to each other and to stand up and be counted when those in positions of authority would cause chaos to serve their own agendas. We have the opportunity on a daily basis to make our lives, and those of our neighbours, better and more productive. We need not get hoodwinked by celebrity  dramas or whether our favourite sports team is a bunch of no hopers. We need only look within ourselves and hope that we do not fight with each other until no one is left standing, but keep the aliens away from our door a little while longer…at least until after their lunch when they’ll be too tired to fight and will be in need of a Martian siesta.

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