There’s something wrong with the Matrix!

There’s something wrong with the Matrix!


Have you ever had that Deja-Vu moment or you glimpse a glitch in your peripheral view? Is there something going on out there in the big bad world that has got you unsettled, nervous or even frightened and you don’t even know why? Do you think there are government agencies out there colluding with alien intelligence and they’re aiming to come knocking on your front door at 2am…and it’s not to borrow a cup of sugar either? Well? Do You?…. No…neither do I, because that would just be a tad paranoid!

However there is something unsettling in the ether and your pragmatic brain tells you to just ignore it, accept it because you can’t change it or just count yourself lucky that whatever it is, it’s not happening to you.

Let’s face it, most people have become disengaged with mainstream politics or global economic welfares as it rarely identifies with someone’s life experiences. Politicians manipulate and lie to us on a daily basis or seem incompetent to even do the basic things efficiently. The powers that be sit in their ivory towers, beavering away at whatever they do…but the rhetoric is the same, the promises are largely unfulfilled and the masses are the ones who usually suffer or get trampled on in the name of progress.

The internet has enabled people to access information at a click, that would have been locked away in dusty libraries or would be unfathomable and disconnected from current thinking. People are more aware and are less tolerant of nonsense that spews from governments, lobbyists or news agencies now. They are not the fools, that once needed to be preached to, anymore.

However, with this access to a wealth of information, people are being suckered into believing all sorts of things that are simply not true. We know the internet is a haven for oddball theorists and conspiracists but also for those with an agenda who would warp the senses with their reasoning and intangible truths.

So who do we believe? Everyone, no one…or simply never take anything on face value until the information can be corroborated by various other sources? That’s what journalists are supposed to do, but even they in recent years have latched onto click bait journalism or portray material that is so thin that it’s virtually transparent.

How are we mortal men and women supposed to sift through the mountains of blurb to find the truth? Surely we’ve got too many other things to be concerned about; our daily lives, work, family…the environment…the next episode of Love Island?

The problem is that we cannot form an opinion based upon the unsubstantiated opinions of others. In order for us to understand something properly, we first need to determine whether it is real or not. Then and only then can we determine the cause and decide whether we like or do not like it. That is fact based opinion finding. That is the truth…and it requires a lot of work on our part because it’s getting harder and harder to work out what is real or what is not.

The British people voted in the Brexit referendum but were largely told a pack of lies from both sides of the political divide but there were also agitators on the internet and on social media that tainted the thinking of many people. This is not to say that people’s opinions either way are not without substance, however mostly those opinions have been based upon fact-less information.

Whether it’s immigration, cultural differences, sovereign identity or interference from abroad or influence upon this country’s laws…people formed an opinion and voted whichever way they wanted to go. Just as in the United States, the Trump campaign was laughable and his rhetoric was sometimes offensive and absurd…but the everyday voter was able to identify with this new way of straight talking and thinking. However nobody told them what was to follow and was this new president even fit to hold office or would he become the thorn in the side of nations across the globe and would this then impact on the American people and their daily lives?

The newspapers are full of opinion pieces and evidence based articles but who is reading them these days…as their circulation dwindles year on year? Television news seems to be more concerned with outdoing rival stations than reporting unbiased news from around the world or even within this country…whilst social media is being hacked by lord knows who and by whatever their agenda is too.

So when people have very strong opinions about a particular subject but have no basis by which to form that opinion, then something is telling me there is a glitch in the system. This unfiltered model of information dissemination is allowing people to be persuaded or influenced to think one way or another, however when challenged to provide evidence to support these claims…the room goes quiet and the brains feverishly turn over to provide a suitable answer…but rarely does it come.

This observation can be said of both you and I, from the working class to the higher plains, from those in positions of authority and those who would make us believe too. We are less inclined to be objective anymore. We merely accept and absorb the drivel by osmosis but rarely do we challenge to purveyors nor do we question ourselves.

Perhaps that’s why I read the papers or listen to the news with an open mind and never openly accept anything I’m told unless there are substantiated facts. Perhaps that’s why I find this whole process so tiresome and loathsome too. Perhaps the only truth that appeals is that which is close at hand and in which I can touch and see for myself. Perhaps this is why exploring into the unknown and away from the maddening crowds is the only truth any of us will ever need…or perhaps not!


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