Chasing down the setting sun!

We’ve all been there before haven’t we? We’re trying to get somewhere by a certain time and no matter what we do…we’re going to be fashionably but ridiculously late. However there are other occasions when time has no meaning and we are free to ride from dawn until dusk…or even beyond.

After a full day’s ride and the behind getting sore…you’re riding towards the sunset with your destination still out of touch. You’re booked into a B&B, camp site or meeting a friend, but you’re weary. You’d love to do nothing more than just pull over onto the side of the road, put the kick stand down and just lay down for a little while…but instead you push on…it won’t be far now…surely?

Time has a funny way of warping our sense of reason…and regardless of what we do…time can appear to go slowly or very quickly indeed. Take for example a ride to work. You leave in plenty of time and you poodle along without a care in the world. The appearance of time slows down but you arrive very early at your destination. However the flip side is when you’re late for work and you’re rushing to get there as soon as you can. The appearance of time speeds up with everything rushing by so quick, but you can never get there early enough.

Take my ride into work the last couple of days. I left in plenty of time and all was going dandy. I decided to take a detour…as is the norm…to ride some donkey trails, however whilst in the deep dark woods, I did get somewhat temporarily unaware of my exact position…Yes I was lost…ish.

My GPS was just showing trees, I had ventured off the trail and found another just as great. I had entered a labyrinth of possibilities but the further I roamed the more it dawned on me that time had sped up and there was a realistic chance that I could be late for work.

This is where the grip gets a little tighter and the revs get a little higher too. I’m usually quite content to meander through forests and on dirt tracks but there was no time for that now. However, every time I looked down at the clock on my bike…time seemed to be speeding up…I was screwed!

Finally I made it back onto a trail that would lead me out of the woods and onto another old dirt road and out onto the plains of farming country. I was on a night shift and the sun was getting low on the horizon. I needed to beat the clock before the yellow orb fell from the sky…however I was convinced it would be no good. I resigned myself to the fact that I would be late and arriving in one piece would be better than not arriving at all.

However, as soon as I eased off the hunt and stepped down from my action station…time miraculously slowed down too. Go figure! I was still motoring along, still the setting sun was ahead of me but every time I looked down at the clock on the bike…only a minute had passed by.

Eventually arriving at the gates…I should have been dreadfully late, but I wasn’t. In fact I had 5 mins to spare…so how does that happen? When you need to get somewhere in a hurry, time speeds up but when you’ve got all the time in the world…time slows down! It’s just weird isn’t it?

It’s the way of the world isn’t it? There are times when we’re chasing down the setting sun and other times it lingers in the sky for just a little longer than it needs too. But no matter what…the ride is the same, it’s just our perception of it that changes.



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