Yodelling in the Mountain Air

Yodelling in the Mountain Air Published 05/07/18 on Irons United

Well, here we have it Hammers’ fans…finally the summer draught is over and we can all start talking about something tangible relating to West Ham. The squad is in dire need of reinforcement and although there have been three signings so far, in Fredericks, Fabianski and Diop…the little distraction of the World Cup has created a flat spot in the transfer market.

So this last week Manuel Pellegrini appointed his backroom staff and with Mario Husillos now firmly installed as the new Director of Football, things could be looking up for the East End collective. As nations fall by the way side and return home from Russia, many an eagle eyed fan would be looking at some of the players that have impressed although failed to help their national teams progress any further.

The transfer rumours have been whirling around, as they always do in the windows…but there has been much grabbing at straws and the new phenomenon of ‘In The Know’ fans have been largely spouting drivel trying to keep us mere mortal fans engaged, entertained…or even hoodwinked. But what now for Pellegrini and Husillos? Can they find players that can fill the gaps in the squad that are in desperate need of reinforcement? 

As the squad returned for pre season training this week in Switzerland…we hope that the fitness coaches will be working their magic on the players to get them back into shape in a jiffy. Carroll, Arnautovic and Fernandes all made it public that they had started their training ahead of the recall to arms…supposedly to endear them to the new coach…and what a great move that is.

Pellegrini will be scrutinising the players he has at his disposal…their talents and their fitness levels, and to gauge whether any of them will fit into his model of playing the game. There has been some confusion and speculation whether or not the three signings to date were the coach’s choice, albeit one presumes he would have rubber stamped their arrival too.

Whilst ongoing negotiations continue behind the scenes to bring in new players of note that have already impressed in the Premier League or whom have impressed at the World Cup…or indeed whom were already in the crosshairs of Husillos and Pellegrini before their appointments…there is much work to be done over the next few weeks for the squad to come together, gel and work towards a good start to the campaign against Liverpool in only a few weeks time.

Whilst the tender saplings need to be nursed back to full fitness, many of the West Ham fans may wish for a more harsh approach. For the first coaches to become 1950’s drill sergeants, to shout and ball, to strike with thorny sticks…to induced much dripping sweat, asthmatic breaths and convulsive vomiting from a bunch of players that have largely underperformed for two years. Would that be so wrong? Would that be taking it too far? Perhaps! However, the club is at a crossroads and the fans have given them a stay of execution until this latest battle plan is enacted. Will there be success and how will the fans gauge that to be…anything but a relegation struggle or a fine journey in a cup run?

We should expect better times now and the club have made their intentions known with the appointments of Pellegrini and Husillos…but will there be enough willpower to go and get the players the club needs to make that battle plan a success? We will find out in the next few weeks! However, I stand with many fans who would think the signing of those elusive marquee players is mere fancy…but it is likely that there will be a mixture of new players brought in from other Premier League or newly relegated clubs and from abroad too. They won’t necessarily be household names but they would fit into Pellegrini’s vision of how to drive the club forward and how to make best use of up and coming talents.

For now, the West Ham faithful might be looking forward to the pre season friendlies that were announced recently and will be eagerly awaiting news of any new assured targets or indeed any of the existing players that may be leaving the fold for pastures new. The World Cup continues to be a distraction, but as long as the coaches keep yodelling in Switzerland and the players take a good many deep breaths of mountain air…the sheen of optimism may return to the club and the fanbase, who have been let down over the last two campaigns…and a debt is way past due!


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