Is the World Cup an unwanted distraction?

I’ve been a football fan for as long as I can remember and along with motorcycles has been my two greatest passions and interests since I was a child. However, this World Cup has left me a little flat and disinterested even though England are progressing quite nicely at the moment.

I suppose in many ways, I am in the minority…a biker who also likes football, but there you have it. I don’t care for the rolling around in fake agony nonsense, nor do I admire the cheating, chav attitude of some of the miscreants involved within the game…however in its purest form I believe it to be one of the most fascinating sports around…but even I have my limits.

Would I rather ride my bike or would I rather watch football on TV…hmmm let me think! It’s a no brainer really. The bike would come out on top every time, even if my favourite team were playing…however watching a live event, going to an actual match…well then I can get the best of both worlds. Ride to and from the game, watch my team and vent my spleen at the overpaid pansies who are failing to entertain me…but I still love it nonetheless. Why? Because as a fan you always hope for better days and even when the team is truly dreadful…there is a pull towards supporting them even more to encourage them to do better. However, this is a fool’s errand really as we’re all aware that it is merely a game and the players and club don’t really give two hoots about the fans anyway.

So why do we do it? Because we’re fans! It is an undefinable trait that latches onto you in your formative years in some kind of primitive ritualistic attachment. You will follow your team for your whole life to varying degrees and all you’re really hoping for is to be entertained and win a few matches along the way. Perhaps meet up with friends at matches or pass on footballing knowledge – from parent to child and hopefully watch them grow up and have the same interests and passions as you have.

However, riding motorcycles and being around a biking scene is a totally different experience and is largely self gratifying too. You’re not reliant on anyone else to grab your attention or keep you entertained. You do that by yourself and the bike is the platform that allows you to experience freedoms, thrills, spills, new places and familiar faces.

But the motorcycle scene is not all a big love fest either. Within the social subculture there are further subcultures that may or may not see eye to eye. Are you a biker or a motorcyclist? Are you in a back patch motorcycle club or do have nothing to do with the black leather brigades, rally goers or long beardy types with arms and legs smothered in tattoos?

The one constant with a motorcycle lifestyle is that the ride is at the centre of it. You have motorcycling running through your veins, imprinted on your DNA and riding is on your mind and in your soul…Whatever scene you’re into, whatever biker parties you might like to hang out at or however many motorcycle sports events or tracks days you want to attend…fundamentally it is merely the act of riding a bike that is the greatest draw and thrill…and anything else is just sugar coating.

When I see a ball kicked by my favourite players and when I see the game played in the right way, in its purist form and skilfully entertaining, then I am a contented man…but that doesn’t happen that often. However when I’m riding my bike, no matter what time of day, time of year…location, road or trail…I can guarantee I’ll be loving the hell out of it.

The World Cup is a distraction from my club football interests…but it’s not for my riding..which will always hold my attention and be the elixir that heals my moods and nurtures my spirit.

Ride On!


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