Summertime blues and a box of tissues

Summertime blues and a box of tissues Published 19/06/18 on Irons United

Well, as most of you are aware, there is a little tournament going on in Russia that appears to be keeping most football fans occupied at the moment. Yes, the Jules Rimet Trophy’s love child commenced and for the most part has been mildly mundane. However there has been much for West Ham fans to be excited about in the meantime.

Javier Hernandez put on a decent performance when he played for Mexico in their glorious victory over Germany. It just goes to show how he could play if ably supported by willing runners from midfield…maybe there is hope for us yet if we can keep him at West Ham for next season.

Back in the West Ham world, the club have eventually named the new Director of Football as Mario Husillos. The West Ham faithful will be hopeful that this new addition to the staff will be Super Mario and bring some order to club transfers and will be able to work well alongside our new manager; Manuel Pellegrini…as they have done so in the past.

Whilst the club have reputedly been linked with numerous names from the clubs around Europe and from within the Premier League…there hasn’t been much for the faithful to get too excited about as yet. Fredericks was signed from Fulham and Fabianski will be leaving his holiday home on The Gower in Wales and heading to the East End for some cultured footballing experience…we can only dream!

All fans are contemplating what style of football Pellegrini will be able to produce next season and which players will eventually sign on the dotted line to join the club…or leave. These are interesting times for the club and of course the fans too. The board made a big move to bring in Pellegrini and now that Husillos is in place…perhaps much of the absurd dealings of yesteryear could well be a thing of the distant past, but all eyes and ears are on David Sullivan and whether he can resist from meddling or indeed release the appropriate amount of funds to go forward into the transfer market and lead with a rod of iron to skewer a few prized players to join the West Ham ranks.

Unfortunately the rumour mill has gone into overdrive and the spin merchants have got their whips working hard on the driving donkey…there are many players that we could only dream of playing for West Ham but one could never see the club spending the amount of money required to secure their services…so it’s all speculative nonsense until the club confirm names and we see them in a Hammers shirt.

However, many of the faithful will be looking towards the financial books again to see what the net spend of the club will be again when the transfer window closes…as many believe the only way those elusive marquee players will come to the club is if some of the prized assets are sold too…perhaps even some of the deadwood might follow also.

For my part, I’ll remain tight lipped about whom I desire at the club next season but I am truly excited at the prospect of starting a season with a manger of pedigree at the helm and a squad of players that should be rejuvenated and ready for the next challenge. Will it be successful? Will there be a decent cup run? Will there be an emphasis on developing the youth players and promoting them to the first team? I certainly hope so!

If Pellegrini can fashion a starting eleven that can play on the front foot and be positive, ambitious and attack minded, then most fans would rub their hands in delight. However, Pellegrini is not so naive to think that all is well in the rear guard either and that is where his prime focus might be for now…perhaps build his team around a strong defence and holding midfield with quick transitions into counter attacking play.

The current squad does have the capability to play attractive and resolute football if so directed. The key will be in whichever transfers are made and how many of the returning players will impress as preseason starts. Fortunately the club do not have many key players away on international duty, so there is plenty of work to be done before the pre season fixtures commence in Switzerland abasing FC Winterthur on the 8th July, to be followed by domestic fixtures against Aston Villa, Ipswich, Wycombe Wanderers and Preston North End.

I for one, am hopeful for a good season ahead regardless of whichever players we have in the ranks. In Pellegrini I see a manager who might be man enough to grapple this rabble and bring order to the chaos and be the tonic to ease the malaise that has infected the club over the last two seasons. I also hope that the club and the key players of the board will finally act in a manner appropriate for a club of our standing. We cannot afford more social media nonsense or alienating of fans. They have to act in the best interest of the club and above all put the match day experience of the fans at the centre of the their thinking. There are so many problems still yet to be resolved, so hopefully this season will see many of those addressed and fixed…once and for all.

In Pellegrini I trust…in the board? I’m still out to lunch on that one!

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