Smoke and Aces

Well the day started with a big decision for me! Do I head west in search of greenery, backroads and run the risk of being swept away in a flooded river…or do I head east…into the city smoke and venture to a biker’s Mecca that is The Ace Cafe?

Sometimes a change is as good as anew, so the saying goes. So an easy choice it was and much monotonous motorway riding was done in search of themed biker cafe nostalgia.

Fortunately the run in was simple and plain sailing…oh, and the sun was still shining hard so my arrival was met with an eagerness to also ditch the jacket too only to unmasked a rather damp and flustered urban knight!

The Ace Cafe is one of those places that will have a steady stream of bikes and any other vehicle during the day, but at night and at weekends is where it gets very busy and possibly noisy too with regular bike nights, custom cars or themed nights where all persuasions are welcome.

If you want to head somewhere that’s a bit of a throw back to rockabilly-mods vs rockers-esque, then this is the place for you.

It’s actually a pretty cool place and easy to find too with the staff quite welcoming. The food isn’t anything special but it isn’t awful either. In fact my scrambled egg sandwich (I actually ordered it on toast but didn’t have the heart to complain) was quite tasty and the service with a warmish smile was good to see too.

Although from the outside it looks quite shiny and new after a facelift a few years ago, presumably it has a purposely worn down look on the inside to evoke those yesteryear memories. It is clean in a school canteen kind of way and everyone seems at ease doing their own thing too. No angry stares or your face doesn’t fit type vibe here.

Of course this attracts all kinds of people who ride bikes with all sorts of styles too, but it attracts the everyday joe too. Man in van, workmen, office workers or just amiable passers by too, so it really is a place for everyone and anyone.

Now, the last time I came here was about two years ago and I can’t say that I’ve missed it that much either, but that is more to do with my own tastes rather than it’s own deficiencies.

It is surely a place to come and visit if you’re in the area, however after all it is just a cafe that has appeared on TV a few times too. But I wouldn’t necessarily travel across the world just to come here as I’d find it quite disappointing. If you want a trip down memory lane fine, but you’ll probably get just as nice a sandwich and mug of tea elsewhere.

That being said it has been a very pleasant hour or so spent here, lapping up the atmosphere, whilst the sun beats down outside. The six double doors on the front elevation were open letting in a cool breeze as I sat in the shade…pondering whether I wanted another mug of tea…which I eventually succumbed to.

All in all another great ride on the bike, interesting place to visit but I know why I prefer the open road and the country lanes to urban sprawl…all a bit too noisy for this old fart, but friendly staff and patrons. One of which I had a good chat with as I was leaving…almost obviously about bikes, but politics, crime and the state of the youth was also dissected too. Amazing what you can cover in a 10 minute conversation!

Anyway Onwards to the next ride!

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