Happy Solstice Day!

Well it’s the early hours of the morning on 21st June. Ancient worshipers have travelled from far and wide to attend the celebrations at Stonehenge this morning…whilst hundreds, if not thousands more are attending just for the hell of it.

A mostly cloudless sky awaits the flock as they await the rising sun from the East. It will be a wondrous sight to behold as the black of night gradually turns grey with the passage of morning twilight…then as the sun breaks cover from its easterly horizon, the stone circle and all those surrounding it will be bathed in colour and warmth.

This is the dawn of a new day, the longest day…and a moment to think about our world and connection with it, or more poignantly acknowledge the growing lack of connection with it.

Whilst most revellers will have good intentions whilst attending, you have to wonder why are more people more concerned with capturing the event on their camera phones and sharing it to their social media profiles, rather than just standing in awe and respecting the moment for what it is or should be.

Stonehenge is a national heritage site and people have been worshiping here for millennia, but is it that which attracts me to it or is it merely the tangible experience.

As I wait in a field 50 miles away, I thought I would be wishing I was with everyone else, but I realise that I can be right here and see the rising sun in my own peace and spiritual bliss. It’s not the experience that was expected but nonetheless still a wonderful moment. Of course the spiritual place is absent from my view however how more enlightened can I be than surrounded by nature in the dead of night.

For everyone else at the circle, I trust your souls have been fulfilled and your spirits have been raised…or you try to convince yourselves and others that to be the case.

Enjoy this moment, this morning and what it is supposed to represent before you go with the rest of the flock who will trundle back to the grid and to normality.

I will, however, sit here still and listen to the wind and the sound of the birds and the song of the trees. I shall watch the light grow with increasing intensity and I shall slurp a sip or two of dark roasted coffee.

I am feeling spiritual this morning, and possibly only because I’m tired and still at bloody work. Arrghhh But nonetheless it is a truly beautiful morning. Happy solstice day to you all.

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