Broken & Overcrowded Roads…and Crap Coffee!

We all have a vision of what our perfect day would be and you’ve guessed it, it would almost certainly involve motorcycles and riding them in one form or another…however sometimes you might wish you would have stayed at home and stuffed your face with cake whilst watching 22 supposed men kick a pigs bladder about on some grass for obscene amounts of money.

I ride a bike that has an all around capability, and I test that claim on a regular basis…but when you ride on the roads you should expect a relatively smooth roll…but I often find it is anything but that. Yes, the state of the UK roads are pretty appalling in some places and mostly where I seem to ride too.

I appreciate that it is a costly business repairing roads and the amount of traffic on our roads must put extra stress on the floor structure, but stone the crows…I’ve ridden on roads that haven’t had any substantial repairs in over a decade and they are simply pitiful!

So whilst you’re rolling along, trying to dodge the potholes or the crack in the road that you would normally find in an Antarctic ice shelf…you’re also expected to avoid all and sundry whilst trying to ride a good ride too. But you end up bouncing all over the place, having your front tyre bounce in and out of gaping chasms, having shockwaves ripple through your body that shake your teeth from their foundations.

Now, of course on a straight road it’s not that much of a hardship as you can normally see them coming up, but when riding in the dark or when you find them on a bend in the road…then it can get scary very quickly indeed. And it’s this that has really started to annoy me recently too, couple with the amount of debris or stone chips that seem to congregate in the middle of the road on my perfect line too.

It’s not so much that the road has holes, cracks or stones on it…but it is the expectation that they shouldn’t be there at all. I love getting on the trails where all of this is to be expected and indeed welcomed, but when you’re trying to enjoy your ride or on a mission to get from point A to B…it can become a bit of an arse ache in more ways than one.

So, if it’s not the crap roads, then it’s the crap road users that would want to steal my joy and test my good nature, anytime I ride near the rush hours especially. This is not limited to cars, vans or lorries either…as bike riders have hacked me off too. I treat everyone with the same amount of disdain regardless of their mode of transport, if they are completely clueless or dangerous too.

A commute to work on my bike can be a great feeling as you’re beating the traffic whilst filtering through at the lights or past standing shmoes but virtually guaranteed there will be juggernauts blocking roads, cars weaving uncontrollable, drivers or passengers will find a way to put your life in danger…whilst cyclists will occupy more space than a mothballed shuttle or pedestrians who would cross your path without even looking…just head down in their phones just checking their latest vital posts on their newsfeed.

I dream of a time when the tarmac would be as smooth as silk and a zombie apocalypse would have made everyone, still left standing, run for the hills and be out of my sight. I wish everyday was 5am on a Sunday morning. Of course it would be lonely, quiet and a life lacking stressful stimulation…but it would be heavenly for a while at least…until you slam your front tyre into the hidden sink hole and there’s nobody around to save your arse.

Oh well, back to reality…back to broken roads and an overcrowded nation with a load of crap coffee to drink…and will I complain about it. Of course I bloody will!

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