In therapy…Everyday!

For those who have a true connection with motorcycles and biking in general, there is much to be said about the therapeutic benefits of getting out on the black stuff or the dirt trails to be able to decompress a little and leave those worldly worries behind.

Yes, the cliche of the wind in your face, the sun on your back…and the sound of an engine purring beneath you seems to have some hidden quality that makes you feel just that little bit better in yourself…but let’s not kid ourselves, it’s not the cure for mental concerns but it does help some people, certainly for me it does!

The point of this daily therapy is not to run and hide from your worries and daily stresses but it just gives you a little time to switch off from it all. You don’t have to listen to the car radio and get hacked off by some obnoxious and arrogant broadcaster, you’re not being screamed at by your other half or the kids…and you’re not stuck in traffic with all the other shleps getting more fed up by the passing minute and chugging out more emissions to hurt the ozone layer than a thousand head of cattle would appear to do when letting off their steam too.

So what is it that makes grown men and women feel the need to go for a ride on a regular basis…or in my case daily…to connect with that feeling that makes order of the chaos and brings you back down to DEFCON 5? Surely it isn’t merely a physical reaction to external stimuli is it…because if that were the case then every rider would have a permanent grin on their faces regardless if they’ve really taken to biking or not. Indeed, over the years I’ve met many a biker who were complete stress heads and really had no business on a bike either.

So perhaps it’s a combination of stimulation, personal attitude and when somebody is looking to find solace and gratification in a particular act. Perhaps riding motorcycles has nothing to do with it…perhaps we could swap this with some other activity and still get the same result. Stamp collecting, butterfly hunting…or dancing naked beneath a night sky…whatever the choice, it could just be something that you enjoy doing that has the therapeutic effect.

I ride motorcycles because I absolutely love doing it, but that’s not to say that every ride fills me with joy! Riding through torrential rain, high on a mountain road whilst suffering with a fever and tonsillitis would be one of those occasions that I wished I wasn’t riding and firmly tucked up in bed. Or having a swashbuckling adventure during the morning rush hour comes a distant second to the open road in the countryside.

However, I always get that urge to want to go for a ride…whether it’s a test of endurance or merely a quick half hour around the bizarres. Because I enjoy doing it, I know I’ll get a benefit from it…without even knowing why. Perhaps it is the expectation of having a good time that enables this placebo to have its greatest effect.

Whatever is the reason…is hardly important in reality, however what is important is that you’ve found something in your life that enables you to forget…if only for a short period. You’ve found something that you enjoy doing…for you and your peace of mind. So that’s got to be worth its weight in gold in itself.

I often say to my friends and family, “If I’m not in then I’ll be out on my bike just out riding!” No other explanation is necessary other than it’s something I like to do. I have my daily top up of therapy and it helps to keep me sane. Whether it’s working is up for debate but I throughly recommend it to anyone. It beats drugs or alcohol hands down…but it could still be my own little addiction…but I’m ok with that. Any when I’m forced to go cold turkey because I’m unable to ride for whatever reason, then I console myself with the knowledge that one day very soon I’ll be back in the saddle and it will surely be the sweetest ride again.



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